Dead Women of Juarez Appendix (2008)

“The Dead Women”
of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico
The title The Dead Women is from Dr. Eric J. Lindblom of the Institute of Medicine in Ciudád Juarez, with Harvard University.  The following list was compiled from many different lists posted online, each substantially similar.  Once the lists were collected, biographical information was added, primarily from documents produced by the organization Casa Amiga, which detailed the stories of the numerous victims.  After the information from Casa Amiga was exhausted, other news databases were searched to find further biographical information.  Finally, the victims who were certain to have worked in the maquiladoras were highlighted in order to illustrate the connection between the factories located at the Mexican-U.S. border and the escalated number of murders.  One hopes the stories of these women will not be lost, but will instead rally the support of those who benefited from their work.     – Kelly Varsho, Research Assistant to Elvia R. Arriola, Candidate for J.D., Northern Illinois University College of Law, 2008.
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The Dead Women
1.              Abigail González Benítez (06.07.03 – 42)
2.              Adriana Acevedo Juárez o Adriana Saucedo Juárez (17.10.00 – 25)
Man and woman murdered. Two unknown suspects who later fled, fired at a new car. The people were leaving from the Hipermart Mall parking lot. The events took place in front of the cinema located there; several people threw themselves to the ground in order to avoid the gunfire. The victims’ names are: Omar Ortiz Ochoa and Adriana Saucedo Juárez.  Adriana Saucedo was 17 years old and worked as a secretary in the County Police Station.
3.              Adriana Cecilia Adriano (24.02.03 – 20)
4.              Adriana Iveth Gonzalez (15.08.05 – 15)
A week after Adriana Iveth González Zavala, 15, went missing, her body – with hands and feet bound – was found  in a nearby village. Adriana’s cousin, Erika Ivón Ruiz Zavala, had been murdered in 2001; that crime remains unpunished.
5.              Adriana Martínez Martínez (15.10.95)
6.              Adriana Torres Márquez (02.11.95 – 15)
Brown hair, black shoes, dark glasses with gold border, “Silver Red” pants size 28, jean shirt, white bra and socks. Broken neck, right breast cut-off, left nipple bitten off. Body found behind Santa Elena Farm on Casas Grandes Highway.
7.              Aída Araceli Lozano Bolaños o Araceli Lozano Bolaños (01.08.98 – 24)
8.              Aída Avila Hernández (03.07.03 – 18)
9.              Aída Carrillo Rodríguez o Aída Carrillo (07.07.00 – 26)
Hired assassins tried to kill a man, but by accident they killed an innocent victim who was traveling with her family and who was going to fill her car’s gas tank at a gas station located on Hermanos Escobar and Rafael Pérez Serna. She lived in El Paso, Texas. She was identified as Aida Carrillo, age 24. She died from a bullet in the nape of the neck. Her two-year-old son was in the car with her as well and was covered in blood which means that he may have been injured as well.
10.           Airis Estrella Enriquez (16.05.05 – 7)
On May 16 the body of Airis Estrella Enríquez, 7, was found in a cement-filled drum on a highway on the outskirts of Ciudad Juárez. She had been missing since May 2. Airis had been brutally raped and killed. Luis García Villalbazo was arrested on June 24 for the crime. Although he confessed to raping three other girls that identified him as their aggressor, he denies killing Airis.
11.           Alejandra Bisceas Castro o Alejandra Viescas Castro (21.03.95 – 13)
12.           Alejandra del Castillo Holguín o Perla del Castillo Holguín o Perla del Castillo (11.03.00 – 29)
Also, on March 11, the body of Alejandra del Castillo Holguín, was found strangled in the back of a 1999 red Lincoln Navigator, owned by her sister Perla, 29, who has been missing since December 28, however the family had not reported her missing until this incident. According to the special investigator of the murders of women, Alejandra was last seen at on March 11 at a club in Cd. Juárez in her car surrounded by armed men in black uniforms. Her body was discovered the next day on the southeast side of town. Her body was wrapped in a beige blanket, had been strangled and evidently tortured, and there were signs of duct tape on her face. Neither Perla or Alejandra had jobs that anyone knew of, however, Perla had recently purchased the home where Alejandra and their mother lived in Las Alamedas, a wealthy area of Cd. Juárez, and when Alejandra disappeared in December of 1999, she left behind her four-year-old daughter.
13.           Alejandra Janeth Diaz Sánchez (17.09.05 – 13)
The body of Alejandra Díaz Sánchez, 13, was found inside her home in Ciudad Juárez. She had been raped and beheaded.
14.           Alejandra Medrano Chavarria (25.01.05 – 25)
The body of Alejandra Medrano Chavarría was found in the street in Ciudad Juarez. She had been strangled to death.
15.           Alexis Guadalupe Ramírez (16.05.00 – 24-27)
16.           Alma Brisa Molina Baca (26.07.04 – 34)
Alma Brisa Molina, a 34-year-old factory worker, was found murdered in Juárez on July 26.  She had been raped and strangled to death. Her body, partially clothed in a bra and panties, was found by passers-by behind a shopping center not far from the offices of the state judicial and municipal police. Jorge Ramos was arrested and charged with the murder. (Authorities did not charge him with rape because they claimed the victim tried to charge him for having intercourse with her.)
17.           Alma Delia Chávez Marquez (21.05.04)
18.           Alma Delia Moreno Cadena (09.09.05 – 45)
An elementary school teacher and her 21-year-old daughter were found murdered in different parts of Ciudad Juárez. The victims, Alma Delia Moreno Cadena and Diana Belem Ortega Moreno, were allegedly killed by two private security guards in the neighborhood where they lived.
19.           Alma García (08.01.02 – 30)
January 8th. Alma García, 30 years, is found frozen to death on the street.
20.           Alma Mireya Chavarría Fávila o Alma Chavira Farel (21.01.93 – 5)
Young girl strangled and beaten, raped both anally and vaginally, bruise on the chin and a black eye. Was wearing a white sweater with design and short blue pants. Occurred in Campestre Virreyes.
21.           Alma Neli Osorio Bejarano (18.11.01 – 21)
22.           Amalia Morales Hernández (13.02.03 – 37)
23.           Amalia Saucedo Díaz de León (30.11.97 – 33)
Another woman murdered. Body discovered in the Bravo Lot. One suspect has been detained. The victim was later identified as Amalia Saucedo Díaz de León, age 33. Cause of death: broken cervical vertebrae. One suspect has been detained. Victim was married and her home was in Inonavit Angel Trias in this city. Victim had various documents in a black purse. She was completely dressed and her body showed no external signs of violence to the naked eye. Agents report that she was killed in her home and her body was left in the place where it was discovered. The shoelaces of the black shoes that she was wearing were untied. Hair was messy, which may indicate a struggle between her and the attacker. It is not known whether she was sexually attacked. There was a supposed extra-marital affair between victim and someone who worked at the UACJ television station. Currently the motive of the crime is unknown.
24.           Amelia Lucio Borjas o Amelia Lucio Borja (27.05.97 – 18)
Woman murdered in her home by nine blows with a sharp weapon, which she received in the thorax region. Name of victim is Amelia Lucio Borgas, age 18. Body found lying on a bed in the house located on 922 Fénix Street in the Bosques de Salbárcar neighborhood. The authorities are questioning the husband who showed up at the maquiladora (factory), his name is Raúl Saldaña Delgado, age 27. A pair of the husband’s shorts was found stained with blood.
25.           Amparo Guzmán Caixba o Amparo Guzmán (01.04.00 – 18)
A murdered woman is identified. She was a minor, from Veracruz and worked in the maquiladora Elamex (factory). She was identified as Amparo Guzmán, originally from Linda Vista a county of Villa José Anzueta, Veracruz. She arrived at the border three months ago with the intent of crossing to the U.S., however she was unable to do so she stayed in Ciudad Juárez. Friday was her day off and she had planned to meet with some friends at Plaza de Armas, but never arrived. Victim lived with her 16-year-old cousin. April 6th: the woman found in Cerro Bola died from a broken neck. This type of death is similar to those of the women discovered in Lote Bravo in 1995. Amparo Guzmán came to this city from Veracruz looking for a better future; the economic crisis forced her at such a young age to look for work at a maquiladora. The young woman and her cousin rented a room together in a poor neighborhood.
26.           Ana Hipólito Campos (02.02.98 – 38)
Woman is murdered by 40 blows. The body was located in the inside of victim’s home. 38 year-old woman was murdered by approximately 40 blows and almost decapitated, her body found inside her home. Ana Hipólito Campos could have been murdered Sunday night, since her neighbors noticed that she did not leave her house since yesterday morning. The body was found by one of the neighbors who entered the home located on Puebla Street, crossing with Nuevo León, in Lomas de San José neighborhood. At first the neighbor thought that the victim had fainted, but when she tried to help her she realized that there were wounds all over the body. A deep wound on the neck was detected, at the level of the larynx almost disconnecting the head, according to unofficial police reports.
27.           Ana María Gardea Villalobos (03.03.97 – 12)
Adolescent was found in the area of Cerro Bola raped and stabbed. Victim died from excessive bloodloss (hypovolemic shock) produced by 15 wounds inflicted by a sharp object in the thorax and neck. The body was submitted to deontology and anthropometrical tests in order to establish victim’s identity. It appears that only one person attacked the youth and that she was raped after her murder due to the characteristic signs that permit this assumption. The victim was wearing a navy blue sweatshirt, gray jeans and white tennis shoes with a brown border. On April 12th victim is identified as Ana Maria Gardea Villalobos, age 11. April 24th, a group of youths are detained based on evidence that they killed the young girl. September 1998 a youth is arrested in association with the murder of victim.
28.           Ana María Gil Bravo o Ana Gil Bravo (02.01.93 – 34)
29.           Ana Maria Reyes Valverde (16.09.04 – 35)
Ana Maria Reyes Valverde, 35, was killed by her domestic partner on September 16 in Juarez.  He later committed suicide.
30.           Anabel Mendoza Torres (26.03.03 – 30)
31.           Anay Orozco Lerma o Anahi Orozco (2005 – 10)
Anhai Orozco Lerman, 10, was raped and strangled to death in her home in Ciudad Juárez. The authorities detained Antonio Ibáñez Durán, who confessed to the killing.
32.           Angélina Luna Villalobos (25.01.93 – 16)
White, pregnant and robust form. She was strangled with the cable of a stolen television. Pedro Fernández, a friend of she and her husband, murdered her.
33.           Antonia Ceniceros Corral (06.04.03 – 60)
34.           Antonia Hernández Pérez (10.96 – 36)
35.           Antonia Ramírez Calderón (24.08.94 – 35)
36.           Antonia Valles Fuentes (19.06.01 – 46)
37.           Apolonia Fierro Poblano (11.06.97 – 66)
38.           Araceli Esmeralda Martínez Montañés o Araceli Rosaura Martínez Montañés o Araceli Esmeralda Martínez (01.07.95 – 20)
Wearing black jeans, brown boots and a white blouse. Strangled. Was found in Santa Elena farm. Probable suspect, Juan Manuel Cruz Carreón.
39.           Araceli Gallardo Rodríguez (05.06.96 – 35)
40.           Araceli Lozano Bolaños (05.08.98 – 24)
Woman’s body located in a motel.  The body, in the decomposition process, was hidden behind a chair in a room at the Campo Real Hotel in room 42 near Zaragoza. The woman was about 25 years old. The victim was estimated to have been dead for 48 to 72 hours. Height:5’4”, brown, shoulder-length hair, light brown skin and average weight. Victim was wearing a red blouse and skirt. The bra was found pushed up above the breasts, thong underwear and white socks, no shoes were located. August 7th, the victim is identified as Araceli Lozano Bolaños, age 24, also known as Wendy. It appears that she was murdered by a jealous boyfriend. She worked in the night club, Noche y Dia on Mariscal Street. Evidence was found of sexual relations; victim was strangled with hands and had a red cut on the lips.
41.           Araceli Manríquez Gómez o Aracely Manríquez Gómez (18.08.98 – 25)
Woman is murdered in daylight. Victim was stabbed in front of several people in a place of lots of vehicle and foot traffic. She was a worker who was just leaving her work at a maquiladora (factory). Yesterday, at 16:45, the employee Araceli Gómez Martinez was found lying face down, dead, in front of a home on Eduardo Romero and Rivera Lara streets. A tall and heavy subject approached the victim and then an argument ensued. The individual followed Araceli until he caught up with her and attacked her with a knife in front of several people that did nothing to stop the attack or to detain the murderer who was able to get away. The victim was 24 years old. The name tag is from the maquiladora Phillips. In the afternoon the victim’s husband was detained and indicated that out of jealousy and being affected by alcohol, he had killed his wife. Later on it was discovered that the victim had presented complaints in the Complaint Dept. of threats and abuse that were not heeded because the lesions she had were not serious.
42.           Araceli Núñez Santos (29.11.97 – 19-22)
A woman is found with her throat slashed. The victim was about 18-20 years old and was murdered and the body found behind the Santa Elena neighborhood. The body was located at 13:00 hours by Juan Ramirez Gurrola while he was hunting; his dogs smelled the body. The body was in a streambed, 3.1 miles from Casas Grandes highway, where other women’s bodies have been found. The victim was partly naked, one of her shoes was next to her and the other one she was wearing. The victim was face down and only had pants around her ankle on one leg. Four wounds produced by a sharp implement were detected in the abdomen, three on the chest and another lesion on the neck. Victim had dark skin, shoulder length, black dyed hair, just like the characteristics of the other serial murders. One of her black tennis shoes was “Converse” brand with white shoelaces. April 7th, 1998, murdered victim is identified. She had arrived in the city only three days prior to her murder. Four months later her name is determined to be Araceli Núñez Santos, originally from Torreón, Coahuila. Four wounds from a sharp implement were detected on her abdomen, three on her chest and a lesion on her neck.
43.           Aracely (06.10.96 – 23)
Victim was dancer at Bar la Bahia and was killed by her husband, Tomas Sandoval Rodríguez, 50 years old. He entered the bar and without saying anything, shot his wife and left the bar. The victim is known as Aracely.
44.           Argelia Salazar Crispín o Argelia Irene Salazar Crispín (02.98 – 24)
Sunday, 19th of April, the young woman whose body was found Thursday was 24 years old and was named Argelia Irene Salazar Crispin, and had been missing since the 6th of March. She was supposed to have gone into work at the maquiladora (factory) at 6am but she never arrived to the factory. The young woman lived with her mother and her sister who looked after her 5-year-old daughter. The victim lived, unmarried, with a man who physically abused her over a span of several years and even had threatened her with death.
45.           Bárbara A. Franco Rivera (09.11.04 – 3)
46.           Bárbara Araceli Martínez Ramos
47.           Berenice Delgado Rodríguez o Brenda Berenice Delgado Rodríguez (09.02.03 – 5)
48.           Berenice Gómez Ortiz (12.03.00 – 23)
On Saturday, March 11, Berenice Ortiz Gómez, 22, was murdered by fire from an AK-47 intended for her boyfriend Raymundo Pérez Hijar, 38. The shots were fired from a nearby car while the couple was driving in Cd. Juárez, and Pérez ducked, so Gómez was hit by the bullets and killed.
49.           Berta Briones o Berta Luz Briones (02.08.99 – 41)
Body is found of another woman. The body of a woman with a wound from a sharp weapon and severe blows to the face (the face was totally disfigured) was found yesterday at 19:30. The victim was identified as Bertha Briones, age 41 and lived on Rodolfo Ogario and 2213 Esteban Coronado in Monterrey neighborhood, where she was murdered. A neighbor made the report of the body. Briones was obese, 5’1” tall and when she was discovered she was wearing black pants and a white bra, with no shirt. The neighbors state that she made a living selling candy. Tuesday, August 3rd, satanic objects are found in the dead woman’s house. The victim died from a drug overdose, informed the district attorney in charge of the investigation of women’s murders. The authorities discovered an alter for satanic practice in Bertha Luz Briones Palacios’ house.
50.           Blanca Vázquez Valenzuela o Blanca Estela Vázquez Valenzuela (18.10.99 – 36)
Murdered woman’s body found, sexual motive is not suspected. A woman, between 25 and 30 years old was killed by a bullet to the head a few meters from the houses of the Fray Garcia de San Francisco neighborhood, in the southern part of the city. The bullet left a large hole, exposing the victims brains and disfigured her face as well. Sully Ponce states that “she has all her clothes on, including ostrich boots, her pants are completely fastened with a belt and even a beeper on her belt- so we definitely discard that the motive could be of sexual nature”. The murdered woman was from the U.S. The victim was identified as Blanca Estela Vázquez Valenzuela, age 44 and had been living in Ciudad Juárez for 5 years. She was slender, height:5’4”.  The murdered woman owned a brothel. It seems that the victim was the owner of a “massage parlor” The victim’s murder is linked to a drug dealer.
51.           Blanca Yadira Nuñez
52.           Brenda Alfaro Luna o María Esther Luna Alfaro (12.10.97 – 15-17)
The body was found partly buried in PEMEX´s football and baseball field, located on Casas Grandes highway and Barranco Azul, about 16.41 yards from a porter’s lodge.  Body in an advanced state of decomposition. Height:5’8”, brown hair, white t-shirt, one white sock on the left foot. Wounded by sharp weapon in the abdomen. Victim was identified by her mother.
53.           Brenda Herrera (06.11.01 – 15)
Three bodies of young women found. Two were identified as Claudia Ivette González and Brenda Herrera, 15 years.
54.           Brenda L. Santos González (17.03.03 – 15)
55.           Brenda Lizeth Nájera Flores o Brenda Lizeth Nájera (05.12.96 – 15)
Disappeared on November 27th together with Susana Flores Flores, age 13. They were both discovered with two gunshot wounds in the head in a farm located in Magnolia (farm has no name) kitty corner to Filipinas at Infonavit Technology. Both girls were raped, the older victim showed signs of having been tortured. Brenda had two wounds from a firearm, one on the left parietal and the other behind the right ear. Two slash wounds in the throat, four puncture wounds on the back, nothing on the right side and one more on the left hand. She was wearing a flowered blouse and a sweater. Susana was wearing a white sweatshirt, pink tights and black short pants. Both victims; Susana, age 13 and Ana Flores, age 11 lived on Libertad Street and disappeared while they were being taken to primary school “Ricardo Flores Magón” by their stepsisters. The autopsy revealed that Susana had four heart attacks, probably due to the terror that she suffered while she was being tortured and raped. The murderer is believed to be the boyfriend of Brenda, Edgar César Sánchez, who has probably fled the scene of the crime to the U.S.
56.           Brenda P. Méndez Vázquez o Patricia Méndez Vázquez o Brenda Patricia Méndez Vázquez (26.06.98 – 14)
Woman is raped and strangled and abandoned in Lote Bravo. A young woman was found strangled and raped in the Lote Bravo. She was strangled with an object; probably a thick strap and showed signs of being penetrated both anally and vaginally. Also, bruises by suction was present on the pectoral and middle region of chest. Old and new bruises were present on victim’s shoulders and legs. It is estimated that she had been dead for about 10 hours. Her family identified her as Brenda Patricia Meléndez Vázquez, a middle school student.
57.           Brisa Nevárez de los Santos o Brisa Nevárez Santos (26.01.01 – 20)
Yesterday a woman’s dead body was found; it had seven stab wounds, three in the head. The body was very deteriorated. The woman left a few month old baby and a 5-year-old boy as orphans. The victim was 20 years old and was identified as Brisia Nevarez Santos, she lived in San Antonio neighborhood. According to the initial investigations, the victim’s children were staying with the victim’s in-laws. The victim came to the house and picked up the baby. Later on. The father-in-law took the her child home and found the baby crying in its crib and the mother dead on the floor. It looks as if the crime took place between 7-7:30pm.
58.           Carla M. Contreras López (17.02.95 – 24)
59.           Carmen Estrada Márquez (02.02 – 26)
Carmen Estrada Márquez, 26 years, and her 5 children die in a fire set by the father who also dies
60.           Carolina Carrera Aceves o Carolina Carrera (19.03.02 – 30)
March 20th. Alicia Carrera, 75 years, and Carolina Carrera, 30 years, are found killed in their house, gaged, partly burned and with a plastic bag over their head.
61.           Cecelia Covarrubias Aguilar (15.11.95 – 19)
Gray pants underneath black ones, gray vest. Excessive loss of blood. Body found in Loma Blanco. May 16th, 2000 the mother of the victim went to the Casa Amiga office and said that the victim’s name was Cecilia Covarrubias Aguilar. The victim left her house with her six-month old daughter. The baby was never located and to the date the authorities have provided no information about the victim or the whereabouts of her child.
62.           Cecilia Sáenz Parra (31.01.00 – 20)
Woman is killed in Ascensión. A 20-year-old woman was raped and murdered by her cousin, Cesar Solis Sáenz Parra, age 23. Her father reported her as missing to the authorities and he was alarmed to find her car abandoned. After 9am the police found the body of Celia Sáenz Parra whose scalp had been pulled loose and had cuts all over her body. Cesar Solis’ car was found with her blood in it.
63.           Celia G. Gómez de la Cruz o Celia Guadalupe Gómez de la Cruz (11.98 – 14)
The body of an adolescent was found in the Oasis Revolución neighborhood in an abandoned lot of Eje Vial Juan Gabriel and Teniente Daniel García. The body was found partly buried in the lot and the fact that the body was found naked from the waist down makes rape likely. The victim is identified as Celia Guadalupe Gómez de la Cruz, student at Técnica 15 middle school, missing since the 10th of November where she was abducted on the way from school to her house. A school uniform was found and a bracelet embroidered with “Taurus”. Her grandmother picked her up every day from school, but the day the victim disappeared the grandmother did not go. The girl took public transportation. Her house was located on 6110 Privada Casa Grande street in Nueva Hipódromo neighborhood. Her family was originally from Veracruz, they moved to Ciudad Juarez a year ago. The victim had several stab wounds in the chest and died from strangulation. Due to the state of decomposition in which the victim was found it is not known whether she was raped, however the state in which her body was found makes it likely.
64.           Cervantes Dávila (07.07.98)
65.           Cinthia Armendáriz Moreno (21.08.02 – 15)
66.           Cinthia Irasema Ramos (06.12.04 – 21)
Cinthia Irasema Ramos’ dream was to become a nurse, her father said at her funeral.  Found dead on a sidewalk in central Ciudad Juárez, the 21 year old woman’s life was cut short near the bar where she worked.  Police have yet to make an arrest in the case although family member’s believe Ramos’ boyfriend may have been involved.
67.           Clara Hernández Salas o Clara Hernández Martínez (22.02.02 – 32)
Clara Hernández Martines and her 4 children die in a fire set by an uncle. He declares he set the fire because she called him gay.
68.           Clara Zapata Alvarez o Clara Zepeda Alvarez o Clara Zapata Zepeda Alvarez (15.02.98 – 16)
Clara Zepeda Álvarez. Adolescent is killed by gunfire in a gang member dispute. Clara Zepeda Álvarez, residing in Colinas de Juárez neighborhood, showed multiple wounds produced by debris on the left side of the body, the left hemothorax and the arm of the same side. Various gang members of the area were detained as possible suspects to the crime, one of them being the man who fired the shot. The judicial police stated that the presumed murderer is Jorge Ernesto Ortiz, age 17, employee in a maquiladora (factory). It appears that he is a member of the gang “los locos 13” and last Friday was injured in the crossfire of a shoot-out with the members of the gang “Bambú 34”. He got together with 20 other gang members to get revenge.
69.           Claudia Escamilla Alcántar (08.11.95)
70.           Claudia Flores Javier (24.12.05 – 17)
On December 24, the body of Claudia Flores Javier, 17, was found in her home in Ciudad Juarez. Three men have been arrested in connection to the crime. According to the state attorney general’s office, the three men were drinking with Flores in her home when one of them proposed having sex with her. After Flores refused, the three raped her and one man hit her several times on the head with a blunt object, which has not been found. Officials had previously said Flores might have been shot to death and that she had not been raped.
71.           Claudia G. Martínez Hernández (22.02.02 – 3)
72.           Claudia Guillen Hinojosa (12.01.05 – 28)
Claudia Guillén Hinojosa was killed by her boyfriend, Jesús Rentería Vargas, in Ciudad Juarez. She was shot in front of her two children and was pregnant with a third. She died on the way to the hospital but doctors were able to save her baby. The killer fled the scene of the crime and was found dead the following day after committing suicide. A spokeswoman for the attorney general’s office said the young woman was presumably killed “because she was seeing another man and not respecting her pregnancy.”
73.           Claudia I. Tavares Rivera (21.01.03 – 22)
74.           Claudia Ivette González (06.11.01 – 20)
Three bodies of young women found. Two were identified as Claudia Ivette González and Brenda Herrera, 15 years.  Her body was found in November 2001 along with seven others in an overgrown cotton field on Avenida Technologico, just blocks from Sitio Colosio Valle mall and across the street from the offices of the Association of Maquiladoras. She had worked on the assembly line for the Lear Corp., a Detroit-based auto-interior supplier. Lear has declined to publicly address Gonzalez’s murder.
75.           Claudia Ramos López (13.10.96 – 8)
76.           Consuelo Ortiz Contreras (28.09.01 – 2)
77.           Coral Arrieta Medina (12.03.05 – 17)
Coral Arrieta Medina, 17, was found on March 14 in an area of Ciudad Juarez known as Lote Bravo, where 18 other victims had been found in previous years. Her body was partially clothed, and she had been raped and strangled. She was a student and worked in a maquila.
78.           Cristina Escobar González (13.03.04 – 22)
Cristina Escobar González, 25, was beaten to death in Juarez on March 13. Initial police reports were contradictory, reporting first that they found her body in a room in a hotel, and then that they arrested Francisco Javier Martínez Lira, 19, when he was trying to put her body in a car trunk. Cristina was a dancer; the suspected assassin worked in the Lear factory.
79.           Cynthia Irasema Ramos (3.12.04 – 21)
The body of Cynthia Irasema Ramos, 21 years old, was found in Ciudad Juárez. She had been raped and strangled to death minutes before her body was found on a sidewalk near a busy intersection in downtown Juárez. She worked as a waitress in a bar downtown, a few blocks from where she was found dead. Cynthia’s sister, Rocío Lizeth Sepúlveda, has reported receiving threatening phone calls warning her not to investigate Cynthia’s death. Family members believe her boyfriend may have been involved in the murder; however, the authorities were investigating the alleged involvement of a gang member whose description was given by witnesses.
80.           Cynthia Portillo de González o Cinta Portillo de González (08.04.02 – 26)
Portillo de González Cynthia, of El Paso, Texas, is killed by yet unknown assassins.
81.           Cynthia R. Acosta Alvarado o Cinthia Rocío Acosta Alvarado o Cynthia Rocío Acosta Alvarado (09.02.97 – 10)
Cinthia Rocio Acosta Alvarado, age 10 who disappeared the 7th of February, between 18:30 and 20:30 from the 18 de Marzo street in Raúl García neighborhood. According to the necropsy that was performed on Tuesday in the afternoon, the body shows blows and bruises to the skull, bruises on the neck, and fractured bones with bruises in the mouth on the left side. It is likely that she was strangled to death with the hands. There were also bruises on the palm and back of the left hand and similar lesions on both wrists and blows to the right thigh and buttocks. The body was conserved with the skin dried-out.
82.           Dalia Maribel Prieto
83.           Dalia Noemí Diaz Montezuma (26.07.05 – 16)
84.           Deisy Salcido Rueda (17.11.02 – 26)
85.           Denisse Yaliz Pérez Cano (04.09.04 – 2)
86.           Diana Belam Ortega (09.09.05 – 21)
On September 15, an elementary school teacher and her 21-year-old daughter were found murdered in different parts of Ciudad Juárez. The victims, Alma Delia Moreno Cadena, 41, and Diana Belem Ortega Moreno, were allegedly killed by two private security guards in the neighborhood where they lived.
87.           Diana M. Hernández Vázquez (04.04.03 – 14)
88.           Diana Yazmín García Medrano (07.08.03 – 18)
The body found near Chihuahua City on Sunday, September 7, 2003 has been identified through preliminary police studies as that of Diana Yazmín García Medrano. García disappeared on May 27, 2003 on her way to the BC&T school in Chihuahua City. According to the Chihuahua City newspaper El Heraldo, García’s relatives confirmed that the young woman’s glasses, shirt, and rings were found at the crime scene. However, García’s mother, Hilda Medrano, wanted DNA testing to be performed. Later, police said that they took blood from members of García’s family to perform the desired testing.  Police officials are saying that García possibly died from stab wounds. This is based on the fact that dried blood was found at the scene of the crime.
89.           Domitila Trujillo Posada o Otilia Santos Trujillo (04.10.00 – 27)
A landlady of an apartment building is stabbed to death. A 70-year-old woman was found dead inside her home with an undetermined amount of wounds from a sharp weapon all over her body. The victim was identified as Otilia Santos Trujillo and was discovered on the floor of her bedroom covered with a blanket. A neighbor discovered the body. She lived at 1036 Zihuatanejo Street in Galeana neighborhood.
90.           Donna Maurine Strippling Boggs o Donna Maurine Striplin Boggs (08.05.94 – 28)
Height:5’3”, wide forehead, brown hair. Deep and fatal wounds on the neck, thorax and abdomen, standing out especially in the collar bone area. She was found on the bank of the Rio Grande in front of the Esmeralda refinery.
91.           Dora A. Martínez Mendoza o Dora Alicia Martínez Mendoza (26.08.02 – 34)
Dora Alicia Martínez Mendoza, 34 years, is killed by more than 30 stabwounds. She leaves behind a 4 year old son.
92.           Dora Sara Zamparripa (05.12.99 – 48)
93.           Elba Hernández Martínez o Elva Hernández Martínez (18.09.00 – 40)
Hardware store is robbed and cashier is murdered. The victim was identified as Elva Hernández Martinez, age 40, who worked as a secretary in auto parts shop El Rayo, on Zaragoza and Terrier streets. The woman took a bullet in the thorax and bled to death.
94.           Elba Reséndiz Rodríguez (25.12.98 – 35)
95.           Elena García Alvarado o Helena García Alvarado (01.03.99 – 35)
Body of calcified woman found. The body of a woman was found calcified last night in a brick oven on kilometer 29 of Casas Grandes highway.  The district attorney in charge of crimes against women, Sully Ponce, indicated that the body was wearing a hoop earring, a thin chain and what appeared to be a wire from a bra; these clues lead to the supposition that the victim is female, however it is not possible to determine the sex of the body.  The calcified woman died from a stabbing. Due to the conditions in which the body was found whether the woman was sexually attacked remains at large. Nothing was found but pieces of women’s clothing. The victim’s teeth showed evidence that she had had dental work done.  After several forensic studies, victim is identified as, Helena Garcia Alvarado, age 33. She had disappeared in the morning from downtown Ciudad Juárez and her body was found the same day in the afternoon. Victim was a housewife, lived, unmarried, with a man. Her children are working in the U.S. and her parents live in a different city. Victim was identified by DNA studies.
96.           Elisa Carrera Aceves o Alicia Cerrera o Alicia Harrea (19.03.02 – 72)
March 20th. Alicia Carrera, 75 years, and Carolina Carrera, 30 years, are found killed in their house, gaged, partly burned and with a plastic bag over their head.
97.           Elisa Rivera Rodríguez o Elsa Rivera Rodríguez (20.07.97 – 63)
98.           Elizabeth Castro García (13.08.95 – 17)
Long hair, green denim pants, white blouse, white socks. Raped. Body was discovered on Casas Grandes Highway.
99.           Elizabeth Flores Sánchez (08.06.99 – 20)
Her body was found behind the AMSA maquiladora (factory) on Porvenir. The authorities suspect that her boyfriend murdered her. It appears that she was beaten with a wooden board. The State Judicial Police state that this case is not considered a sexual murder. The victim was identified by the name of Elizabeth Flores Sánchez who worked as dancer in a night club. The victim died from asphyxiation by suffocation apart from having evidence of blows on her body. The suspect, a maquiladora worker, confessed to having ingested alcoholic beverages and cocaine with his sister-in-law in the crime scene.
100.        Elizabeth Martínez Rodríguez (05.05.95 – 26)
101.        Elizabeth Ramos (08.05.93 – 26)
Killed by boyfriend with a firearm.
102.        Elizabeth Robles Gómez o Elizabeth Gómez (25.12.95 – 23)
Height:5’2”, slender, black wavy hair. Skirt pulled up to the waist, copper colored blouse covering breasts, blue jacket, black shoes, not wearing bra. Stabbed.  Body was found in the fields behind PEMEX.
103.        Elizabeth Soto Flores (25.10.98 – 26)
A woman’s body was found partly buried in the patio of a farm in the town of San Isidro. The body was in a state of decomposition, there were no signs of sexual violence and victim was fully dressed. It is presumed that victim was strangled. It appears that she was beaten on the face with a rock. Family members identified victim as: Elizabeth Soto Flores. Her husband was murdered the previous Thursday, his body was found in San Agustín, death by a gunshot, his name was Manuel Mariscal Quintero. The 18-month-old child of the couple was found in an abandoned car, she suffered no violence.  Perpetrator confesses to double murder and is detained. His name is Isaías Gómez Ortiz, age 24. He confessed that he owed $4000 drug money to Mariscal Quintero and he did not have money to pay since he had been arrested for drug possession and in jail. Gómez invited Quintero to accompany him to get the money and then Gómez shot Quintero in the eye. Afterwards, Gómez thought the wife might realize and he went to her house and strangled her with an electric cable. He left the child abandoned in a car in front of an orphanage.
104.        Elizabeth Verónica Olivas o Elba Verónica Olivas (21.02.98 – 17)
105.        Elodia Payán Núñez (04.08.00 – 47)
Teacher is assaulted and murdered. A middle school teacher was beaten to death in a natural pharmacy by a metal rod by two subjects who entered with the intention of robbery. Victim was the vice principal at the State Middle School No. 46. She was identified as Elodia Payán Núñez. The events occurred at 18:36 on Constitución and Galeana streets. The body was found completely naked with the hands and feet tied. The husband made the gruesome finding of the body.
106.        Elsa América Arrequín Mendoza (14.02.99 – 22)
Woman is murdered at her front door. A woman was murdered by three shots at her front door in Mariano Escobedo neighborhood at 11:20 at night, according to Municipal police. According to the first reports, the victim is Elsa América Arrequin Mendoza, age 22 was killed at close range by an individual who asked for her husband. Once the suspect found out it was her husband’s house he shot her in the thorax, side and arm. The victim was preparing a bottle for her baby when he knocked at the door. The victim lived at Lampazos and Melchor Ocampo streets. The motive of the crime is not known, but it could be revenge. Two suspects have been taken into custody: Héctor Rubén Mijares Gonazález, age 21 and Juan Francisco Dorado Rojas El Pancho, age 20.
107.        Elvira Carrillo de la Torre o Elvira Carrillo de la Fuente (18.01.01 – 72)
72-year-old woman is stabbed to death. She was a landlady and was probably showing a house to a client. The cause of death is unknown, but it is the first murder of the year 2001. Due to marital problems, Francisco Hernández Cedillo, age 45 murdered his ex-wife Elvira Carrillo de la Fuente. The victim died from asphyxiation from strangulation. The man confessed to having hurt her with a kitchen knife in order to scare her, but when she shouted out for help, he strangled her. He felt very guilty about his actions and claimed that alcohol was the culprit.
108.        Elvira Varela Pérez (10.04.97 – 38)
109.        Emilia García Hernández o Alicia Pulido Sarid Duron (11.02.94 – 32)
Died in the town of La Madelón. Dispute with a sharp object. Presumably murdered by her female friends.
110.        Emilia Ulloa Galván (19.04.98 – 64)
111.        Emy Y. Gaytán Núñez (20.07.03 – 2)
112.        Eréndira Buendía Muñoz (14.11.97 – 17)
Another woman’s dead body was found today in a deserted lot located behind the Flourex plant on the Pan-American Highway. With this case, there have been more than seven woman murdered and raped in the last two months.  The body of the victim was completely naked and her clothing was lying next to her. The body was hidden in some bushes, face down and completely naked. The victim’s clothing was about 5.5 yards from the body: black stretch pants and red underwear. The victim is established to have been 19 and was identified by her parents as Erendira Buendia Muñoz, who disappeared last Wednesday when she went to dance in the El Patio club on Tecnológico avenue. Her parents, Jesús Javier Buendia, age 39 and Mercedes Muñoz, age 38 identified the body as belonging to their daughter. The victim was strangled and raped.
113.        Erendira Ponce Hernández o Erendira Ivonne Ponce o Erendira Ivonne Ponce Hernández (30.08.98 – 17)
Woman’s body found. The body of a raped and murdered woman was found yesterday at the base of a mountain located to the North of the Casas Grandes Highway at kilometer 29, according to police.  She was found naked, face down with her hands tied behind her back and a blow to the left side of the head. Victim had black, wavy shoulder-length hair. In the same place, authorities found a blue-green flowered dress; the victim was only wearing a pair of underwear faded out by the sun, around her knees. Based on the rigor mortis of the cadaver, victim had been dead for 20 to 25 days.  The primary suspect is her boss, as he was the last person to see her while she was alive. The authorities inform that she was raped and beaten to death by a rock on her skull.
114.        Erica García Moreno (14.07.95 – 18)
Strangled by unknown attacker. Victim’s body was discovered behind PEMEX gas station. Slender, dark skin, black hair, narrow forehead, thin lips. Wearing a white blouse and white bra. Black underwear, light brown shorts and blue jeans around her ankles. Signs of external violence, suction bruises.
115.        Erika Ivonne Ruiz Zavala (23.06.01 – 16)
Student in high school.  Her body was found partially buried at the foot of a grave in the city cemetery. The prosecutor issued charges only for the illegal burial when the case was already being worked as a crime.
116.        Erika Pérez
117.        Esmeralda Andrade Gutiérrez (01.02.94 – 35)
118.        Esmeralda Herrera Monreal (06.11.01)
119.        Esmeralda Juárez Alarcón (10.02.03 – 17)
120.        Esmeralda Leyva Rodriguez (13.11.93 – 13)
Height:5’2”, long hair. Abducted upon leaving her middle school Técnica 27. Raped both vaginally and anally, strangled. The victim’s body was found behind Mariano Escobar School on Teofilo Borunda.
121.        Esmeralda Urías Sáenz (19.11.94 – 23)
Urías was a maquila worker, and her body was found on November 19, beaten and strangled to death.
122.        Estefanía Corral Martínez o Estefanía Corral González (03.03.96 – 2)
123.        Estela Berenice Gomez Amezquita
The body of Estela Berenice Gómez Amézquita, 19, was found in her home in Ciudad Juarez on May 23. She had been strangled and beaten to death. Her husband is suspected of the murder.
124.        Fabiola Zamudio (16.04.95 – 35)
Robust, dark skin, black hair, white bra. Intoxicated. Found in El Ranchito Hotel.
125.        Fátima Vanessa Flores Díaz (05.11.00 – 1)
126.        Flor E. Monreal Meléndez (03.07.00 – 19)
127.        Flor Fabiola Ferrer Rivera (09.12.04 – 20)
Flor Fabiola Ferrer Rivera, 20 years old, was found in her apartment in Ciudad Juárez on December 9, 2004. She had been stabbed and strangled to death. The decomposed condition of the body suggested she had been dead for several days before she was found by co-workers at the restaurant where she worked, who were worried because she had not been to work in several days. Authorities suspect her boyfriend of the murder.
128.        Flor Márquez Valenzuela o Flor Idalia Márquez o Flor Idalia Márquez Valenzuela (29.04.01 – 15)
They find three corpses in car, two of them women. They were assassinated to shots inside the vehicle, with plates of Texas, in a way of terracería that is located in the black water channel and an agricultural field in the ejido one of Salvarcar. The Special Office of the public prosecutor discards that it is an execution by drug trafficking. The young people had between 16 and 18 years. One of them was in the steering wheel. The man was Jorge Martinez of 34 years, unique identified. The names of the victims were Laura Alondra and Flor Idalia Márquez Valenzuela, of 16 and 18 years of age. 17 of May. The Special Public prosecutor declares that the moving body of the triple murder was by drug debt. Julio 1 of the 2001.
129.        Francilina Pereyra (07.03.03 – 38)
130.        Francisca Epigmenia Hernández (18.02.96 – 36)
Body of indigenous, Tarahumara, woman found raped and strangled, with evidence of numerous blows from an unknown assailant. The body was discovered in Garita de Metales on the 21st of July, 1999. Two Tarahumaras were detained for murder: José Ramón González Sánchez, 39 years old and Cornelio Picharro Vázquez, 49 years old. One of the detainees requested a translator because he did not known Spanish, which in turn, extended the prosecution time. The accused admit that they were with the victim, Francisca Epigmenia Hernández (Age 34), whom they refer to as “Panchita”, but the accused deny being involved in her murder. The man in charge of their lodging remembers asking the indigenous men whether they had killed Panchita and one answered that he had not killed her, but instead he had killed the “rabbit” and the “witch” (brujo).
131.        Francisca Lucero Gallardo (07.11.95 – 18 o 08.11.95)
132.        Francisca Sánchez Gutiérrez (04.12.98 – 51)
Dead body of woman is discovered. Body is located a few yards from the Highway Patrol. In the Flourex property, close to the train tracks, a woman’s body is found whose name is Francisca Sánchez Gutiérrez, age 51, originally from San Luis Potosí. When the victim was found she was wearing white tennis shoes with bright colors, navy blue stretch pants, pink sweater, white t-shirt and white socks. 8 yards to the north, a suitcase with several changes of clothes and a wallet was discovered. In the wallet was $160 dollars. It is estimated that the woman died at 2:00 yesterday. She shows signs of cranial encephalic trauma, multiple contusions and glass in the head; like the characteristics a person who has suffered a car accident would show. The woman left Zacatecas November 23rd heading to Tijuana; it is unknown why she stayed in Juarez since her final destination was Los Angeles, California.
133.        Francisca Torres Casillas (04.12.01 – 84)
Francisca Torres Casillas, 80 years, killed during a robbery.
134.        Gabriela “La China” (2004)
135.        Gabriela Domínguez Aguilar (29.08.93 – 3)
136.        Gabriela Martinez Calvillo o Gabriela Edith Martinez Calvillo o Gabriela Edith Márquez Calvillo (15.05.98 -15)
A 15 year-old young woman was attacked by several men and rescued by Municipal Police agents from the side of the La Esperanza road. The victim died last night due to a wound 3.12 inch long in the external ear auricles, and another lesion in the gluteus region. A gang of young people is suspected to be the perpetrators and was detained last week as possible attackers. Victim’s name is Gabriela Edith Martínez Calvillo. Gabriela was studying in her second year at the Ténica 38 Middle School. The investigations determine that she left her home at 20:00, got into a blue Jetta with Carlos Alberto López, who took her to a park where Victor Gabriel Martinez supposedly began to beat her. The youths left the park, but did not get away and both were attacked. After the attack, Carlos Alberto put the victim in the car to take her to the hospital, but he became nervous and took her out of the car and lay her on the ground, choked her and dragged her 33 yards. Finally, he abandoned the victim in the piece of land where she was later discovered, still alive, and was taken to the intensive therapy where she died.
137.        García Aldaba (23.05.95)
138.        Gema Nevárez (21.06.01 – 4)
139.        Gladys Janeth Fierro Vargas o Gladys Janeth Fierro (08.05.94 – 10)
Abducted upon leaving her middle school Jesús Urueta on Constitución and Galeana streets. She lived in Lomas de San José neighborhood. Raped and strangled. Her body was found on kilometer 1 on Juárez Porvenir highway, behind the radio station.
140.        Gladys Lizeth Ramos Esparza o Gladys Lizeth Ramos Escárega (15.03.99 – 27)
A 24-year-old woman with a bullet in the forehead was found dead inside a vehicle on Nuevo León and Hidalgo streets in the Aeropuerto neighborhood on Saturday afternoon. The investigators suspect a man who came to the victim’s house on Friday afternoon. Suspect could be a member of the police or a security guard of a company because a belt was found with a stick, bullets and other defense items. The victim’s name is Gladys Lizeth Ramos Escárcega. Although the murderer has been identified, he has still not been arrested and it is suspected that he has fled the city. March 20th, a police agent is arrested as the suspected murderer in the Gladys Lizeth case, and alleges that the victim in fact had committed suicide by shooting herself in the nape of the neck, but due to this detail, his story has been deemed incredible.
141.        Gloria Betances Rodríguez (27.05.02 – 34)
Gloria Betances Rodríguez , 34 years, killed through stabbing and during a robbery. Also her husband was killed. They leave a nine month old baby.
142.        Gloria Elena Escobedo Piña o Gloria Escobedo Piña (20.08.95 – 20)
Body found in Ignacio de la Peña # 1158. Height:5’4”, dark complexion, long hair, black bra, t-shirt. Naked from the waist down with bleeding genitals. Raped in three ways and strangled. Accused perpetrator: stepfather, Miguel de Jesús Montelongo León.
143.        Gloria Ivana Berumen Robles (25.04.06 – 1)
A one-year-old girl identified as Gloria Ivana Berumen Robles was presumed to have died in a fire on April 25 in Ciudad Juarez. However, an autopsy revealed that the girl had been strangled before the fire erupted. Authorities are investigating the possibility that the fire was incited to cover the evidence.
144.        Gloria M. Escalante R. o Gloria Escalante Rodríguez o Gloria Escalante Rodríguez de Gómez (24.03.02 – 73)
Gloria Escalante Rodríguez de Gómez, 73, killed during a robbery at her house.
145.        Gloria Martínez Delgado (09.03.99 – 40)
146.        Gloria Moreno Avilés (11.02.97 – 33)
147.        Gloria Rivas Martínez (26.10.02 – 16)
An article in the Cd. Juárez newspaper El Norte states that María Isabel Mejía Sapién and Gloria Rivas Martínez, who both disappeared within three months of each other, both worked for the same company with branches just a block from the ECCO computer school which is mentioned in other rape murder investigations. Mejía and Rivas, between 15 and 16 years old, worked for the same store, La Estrella, but at different branches. Mejía disappeared in May, 2002 and Rivas in October. El Norte says that Rivas’ body was found in October but this has not been confirmed. The newspaper also reported a rumor that Rivas was kidnapped and held alive in a drug house for a few days on the western side of Cd. Juárez.
148.        Graciela Bueno de Hernández o Gabriela Bueno Hernández (26.10.94 – 26)
149.        Graciela García Primero (29.01.95 – 28)
In 1995 Doña Lencha’s daughter Graciela García Primero was murdered by her husband.
150.        Guadalupe I. Estrada Salas o Guadalupe Ivonne Estrada Salas (11.06.93 – 16)
Slender, dark complexion, height: 5’2”, wearing jean shorts and shoes. She worked in the Magna Flex Industrial Park. No motive for murder was established. Occurred in Chamizal.
151.        Guadalupe Juárez Rodríguez (30.04.03 – 39)
152.        Guadalupe Luna de la Rosa
A cheerful and studious young woman, Guadalupe smiles from the framed pictures in her mother’s modest home, sporting the frilly, childlike party dresses that Mexican teenagers favour for special occasions.  Skinny and dark-skinned, Guadalupe Luna fitted the physical profile of the victims perfectly. But she was also untypical. A student of business administration, she was the only one of the eight who did not work in one of the hundreds of stark assembly factories in Juarez pumping out electronic goods for export to the US, which have turned the city into a mecca for Mexicans fleeing the crisis-stricken countryside. In fact, almost all of the 76 victims since 1993 have been factory workers, many of them migrants with only limited support networks in Juarez. Luna, by contrast, came from a relatively well-off local family that was determined not to let her be forgotten – along with her classmates, they launched a campaign to find her after she disappeared that turned her into a household name.
153.        Guadalupe Santos Gómez (24.05.04 – 36)
Guadalupe Santos Gómez, 36 years old, was found murdered in Juárez on May 24. She had been strangled, partially stripped, and dumped on wasteland on the outskirts of town.
154.        Guadalupe Verónica Castro Pando o Verónica Guadalupe Castro Pando (02.03.96 – 17)
Brown hair, black pants, and shirt. Stabbed and mutilated in Lomas de Poleo.
155.        Guillermina Hernández Chávez o Guillermina Hernández (13.12.94 – 15)
Slender, dark skin, height:5’2”, shoulder length hair. Raped and burned to death. Juan Carlos Escageda is the suspect. Victim was found in Guadalupe D.B.
156.        Haydée Osorio Rosales (19.04.98 – 51)
157.        Hester Susanne van Nierop o Hester van Nierop (20.09.98 – 28)
Woman’s throat is cut in a hotel. A woman’s throat was cut with a knife inside Hotel Juarez; she was Dutch- her documents were found in a bag. Victim was naked under the bed and it is estimated that she had been dead for about 14 hours. The room was rented by an individual who appeared to be North American, however still remains at large. In the bag were the documents of the murdered woman, who was from Holland and whose name was Hester Van Nierop. Notice will be given to the Dutch Embassy to inform them of the unfortunate death and deliver the body to them. According to the employees of the hotel, last Saturday at 16:20 a man came to rent room number 121 on the third floor of the building and registered as Roberto Flores. Workers stated that the suspect arrived by himself on foot, for this reason it is unknown how the victim came to be in the room. Personnel from the State attorney’s office located a gray purse in room number 106 in the hotel, containing a woman’s personal possessions and various IDs. Previously, other woman have been found murdered in hotels and motels throughout the city and in some cases, under similar circumstances; for example, the bodies were abandoned naked under the bed or chair and the murders are committed by strangulation or wounds from sharp objects.
158.        Hilda Fierro Elías o Hilda Fierro Olivas (15.08.94 – 18)
159.        Hilda Rodriguez Núñez (12.01.02 – 28)
Hilda Rodríguez Núñez, 28 years, mother of 4 and 12 weeks pregnant, and witness, bystander of a gang fight, is hit by a gang member’s car and dragged 40 meters, leading to her instant death.
160.        Hilda Sosa Jiménez (30.09.96 – 29)
161.        Hortensia Parra Chávez (03.11.97 – 58-60)
162.        Ignacia Rosales Soto o Ignacia Morales Soto (20.11.95 – 22)
Slender, height: 5’3”, dark skin, long hair. Deep wound in the left parietal, bruises en numerous parts of the victim’s body. Body discovered in Santa Elena farm on Casas Grandes Highway. Presumed suspect, Juan Escajeda.
163.        Inés Silvia Marchant o Silvia Marchant o Inés Silvia Merchant (14.02.00 – 20)
Another woman’s body is found. The body of a woman was found in a deserted area. Victim had a nosebleed and a black eye on the right side. In the crime scene some clothes were found which are most likely the victims. A red blouse and a blue skirt. This is the second murder this month. Woman’s body, found on Monday night in Fray Garcia de San Francisco neighborhood is identified as Inés Silva Marchant, age 23 who has been missing since January 23rd. She had been on her way to a meeting for vendors of beauty products. She was a single mother, leaving two children: four and two years old. Victim had been living in Ciudad Juárez for two years and was originally from Puebla. Height:5’2”, normal weight and black hair.
164.        Irma Angélica Rosales Lozano (15.02.99 – 13)
The victim is identified as Irma Angélica Rosales Lozano, age 13 from Gómez Palacio, Durango. Family members identified her this Wednesday. The girl died from asphyxiation and was raped vaginally and anally. She had been dead for 4-6 hours when they found her. She had worked for 7 days in Electro Componentes factory. February 19th, 8 people are taken into custody as suspects, one of them a coworker of the victim. Miguel Garcia Lozano and Yadira González, brother and sister-in law of the victim identified Oscar Galarza as guilty.
165.        Irma Arellano Castillo o Irene Castillo (04.06.99 – 63)
70 year old woman is killed in an attack. A 70-year-old woman was murdered with a sharp weapon in her house in the Ampliación Aeropuerto neighborhood. The body of Irene Castillo was found at 15:19 yesterday in a house with a convenience store. Sully Ponce stated that it might have been a robbery by an acquaintance; money was missing, as well as two televisions and a radio. The victim had 23 stab wounds in the left side, abdomen and back. She had been dead for about 12 to 14 hours. No door was forced open which makes it seem that the murderer was an acquaintance or had keys to the house.
166.        Irma Leticia Muller Ledezma (18.05.04 – 37)
167.        Irma Márquez (25.07.00 – 32)
Man kills woman whom he was stalking. A woman was strangled and stabbed by a man who had been stalking her for almost four months. The presumed murderer, Antonio Sarmiento Ruvalcaba, age 37, was arrested. The victim’s name was Irma Márquez, age 37. The confessed murderer joined the search for the victim that was initiated after the family members reported her missing. The body was found in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood. Sarmiento and Irma Marquez worked together in the Electromec maquiladora (factory). Antonio took her to a house and the neighbors heard shouts for help that were later drowned out by the sound of a radio. Antonio stabbed her several times, but since the knife was not sharp he decided to strangle her with a tape player electric cord. After “searching” for the victim, he then wrapped the body in a bag and put it in his pickup and left her in Emiliano Zapata neighborhood, got rid of the knife and the vehicle and continued “searching” for the victim.
168.        Irma Rebeca Sifuentes Castro o Irma Rebecca Fuentes (11.05.01 – 18)
Irma Rebeca Fuentes, 18 years, violated and strangled.
169.        Irma Valdez Sánchez (2002 – 35)
Irma Valdez Sánchez, 35 years, killed by a bullet. It is unclear if she was killed or comited suicide
170.        Jacqueline C. Sánchez Hernández o Jacqueline Cristina Sánchez Hernández (05.00 – 14)
171.        Jessica Lizalde de León o Jessica Lizalde León (13.03.93 – 30)
Radio DJ murdered by gunshots.
172.        Jessica Martínez Morales o Yésica Martínez Morales (02.01.98 o 31.12.97 – 13)
Slaughtered girl is found. She was missing for 10 days prior to discovery. A 13-year-old girl was murdered and her body was found in a streambed located behind the Federal Electricity Commission Station on the Pan-American Highway. The victim was identified by her father and her name is Jessica Martinez Morales. She was apparently murdered in the early hours of yesterday, Friday the 2nd of January and her body was left in the stream bed about 27.4 yards from the train tracks. The young girl had been missing since the 23rd of December and her parents had than immediately filed a report for missing persons in the Department of Previous Inquiries. Jessica was last seen close to her house located on Zaragoza, but 10 days later her body was discovered behind the FEC station and Flourex plant. When the minor’s body was discovered she had been dead for about 12 hours, for this reason it is suspected that she was murdered close to dawn yesterday. It was stated that the victim was probably with the murderer for the 10 days she was missing and later she was murdered in a different place than the one where her body was discovered. The state is attempting to establish “whether during those days the minor remained in captivity or was there on her own free will”. The victim was abandoned completely naked with the intention of not leaving any evidence that would help identify the body, however, the victim was wearing earrings and a bracelet. There were bite marks on her right arm and evidence of a possible blow to her right ocular region. It was established that the dark-skinned girl had indigenous features.
173.        Josefina Contreras Solis (02.01.05 – 38)
Josefina Contreras Solís was found on in a dumpster in Ciudad Juárez on January 3. She had been beaten badly and left for dead. She died in the hospital the following day. A man reported to be her boyfriend was arrested and charged with the murder.
174.        Juana Aguinaga Mares o Juana Iñiquez Mares (19.10.97 – 35-30)
The body of a murdered woman was discovered on Tuesday evening on the side of a dirt road in the Palo Chino neighborhood. The necropsy revealed asphyxiation by strangulation as the cause of death. Victim’s identity was not determined until yesterday afternoon. A white electric cable about one meter log with a knot in the middle was around victim’s neck, this cable is assumed to be what was used to strangle the victim. It is estimated that the victim had been murdered about 3-4 days prior to discovery. She was dressed, about 25-28 years-old, short dark hair, dark skin, height: 5’1” and slender. She was wearing a navy blue long-sleeve shirt, a pink, black and white jacket, black jeans “Levis” brand, size 29 and a belt of natural fibers. Roper boots, white stockings, black bikini underwear and a white bra size 34B. Neck showed external signs of violence, deep cuts on the left arm and right leg, buttocks appear to have been kicked. Her name was Juana Iñiguez Mares, age 38, and reported missing since the 20th of October. The daughter of the deceased identified the jacket her mother was wearing.
175.        Juana González Piñón o Juana Gonzáles (05.01.00 – 36)
Man kills wife and then tries to commit suicide. Juana González Piñón.  Victim was savagely attacked with a knife by her husband, Arturo Tovar Rocha, who in the presence of the victim’s friend and in jealous rage, he stabbed his wife four times until he killed her. Three in the abdomen and one in the left arm. As soon as the individual committed the crime, he tried to take his own life. The victim was an employee at the General Hospital’s laundry. Three children were orphaned, one of them mentally retarded.
176.        Juana Sandoval Reyna (10.02.03 – 17)
177.        Julia Mauricio de Colorbio (08.12.97 – 77)
178.        Julieta Enríquez Gonzales (03.08.02 – 39)
Julieta Enríquez Rosales, 39 years, is beaten to death by her husband. She leaves behind 4 children.
179.        Karina Avila Ochoa (07.12.97 – 29)
180.        Karina C. Ramos González o Karina Candelaria Ramos González (23.07.03 – 22)
181.        Karina Daniela Gutiérrez (18.04.95 – 21)
Wearing gray leotard, height:5’2”, slender. Strangled. Was discovered on Hermanos Escobar and P. del Rio streets.
182.        Karina Enríquez Amparán (11.11.00 – 25)
183.        Karina Soto Diaz o Karina Soto Cruz (13.04.97 – 3)
184.        Laura Ana Inere (24.12.95 – 27)
Death attributed to firearm. Perpetrator, Municipal Police in the cemetery.
185.        Laura B. Ramos Monárrez o Laura Berenice Ramos Monárrez (06.11.01)
Laura Berenice Ramos Monárrez. Laura was a high school student when she disappeared in Sept. 2001. Her body was found Nov. 6-7, 2001. Two Juárez bus drivers confessed to Laura’s murder, and the murder of ten other women, but claimed they were tortured to elicit a confession. El Diario, 11/12-21/2001, also reports that the victims’ families are unconvinced about the confessions, and they and human rights groups cite irregularities in police investigation techniques.
186.        Laura Georgina Vargas (01.01.01 – 30)
Man kills his ex-wife with one gunshot and commits suicide. Efraín Garcia, age 40 killed his ex-wife and then took his own life. The name of the victim is Laura Georgia Vargas, age 33. She leaves four children: 14, 10, 5 and 3 years old as orphans
187.        Laura Ivette León Chávez (21.05.04 – 13)
188.        Laura Lourdes Cordero o Laura Lourdes Cordero García (19.04.98)
189.        Laura Márquez Valenzuela o Laura Alondra Márquez (11.05.01 – 18)
Laura Alondra y Flor Idalia Márquez Valenzuela, 16 and 18 years, witnesses, shot and killed over a drug traffic dispute. The killer declared he killed them because they knew him
190.        Laura Rocío Lara Amaro (07.03.00 – 17)
On Tuesday, March 7, the bodies of Laura Rocío Lara and her boyfriend Francisco Aguirre Rodríguez were found shot to death in a blue 1984 Nissan near Villa Colonial, a colonia of Cd. Juárez. His body was in the driver’s side, and was laying on top of hers. She was shot in the right side of her face and he in the right side of his head. According to the state office for the special investigator of the murders of women, Rodríguez was unhappy that Lara had broken off their nine-month long relationship that afternoon. A note found at the scene said, “Goodbye everyone, it was for love, Laura and Paco.” The note also said that “We will die together and I will forever be the only one she has loved.” However, because witnesses indicated that when she broke up with him earlier that day he had grown quite angry with her, and she was in the car crying, it is suspected that he may have killed her out of anger, and then killed himself to make it look like a suicide.
191.        Lesdy (2005 – 6)
192.        Leticia Alvírez Carrera o Leticia Caldera Alvídez (06.03.02 – 27)
Leticia Caldera Alvidrez is killed in a shoot out.
193.        Leticia Armendáriz Chavira o Leticia Armendáriz (04.08.00 – 32)
40-year-old woman missing for the last two days, was found raped and murdered. Some children observed that a male neighbor called her and she entered into his house and they did not see her leave. Yesterday, the district attorney received a complaint from neighbors of a pungent odor and then the neighbors found the burned body of the victim. The presumed suspect confessed that he raped her and cut off her head, which he then threw into the Rio Grande and with the intent of getting rid of the evidence; he then burned the victim’s body. The man had many scratches on his face, evidence that the woman had tried to defend herself. The media is still not broadcasting this information.
194.        Leticia de la Cruz Bañuelos (01.11.96 – 30)
Victim prostituted herself outside of Rancho Grande Bar. The victim died from gunshot wounds on the left side of the thorax. Two men pulled up in a dark colored vehicle, called one of the women over and then without warning they shot the victim. The murderers´ whereabouts are unknown and they have not been identified.
195.        Leticia García Rosales (11.11.96 – 37)
The body of a woman of about 35 was beaten to death and found in a canyon. It appears that she resisted a rape. The women had her pants below the hips, which produces the suspicion that there was an attempted rape. Until the autopsy is performed, it is in impossible to know for sure. She had received blows to the face and different body parts. Victim was wearing green pants, a white blouse and green socks. Presumed suspect: Juan Salazar García.
196.        Leticia Palafox Zavala o Alma Patricia o Leticia Palafox Zamora (15.08.96 – 14)
Victim was beaten to death in her parent’s home by her boyfriend. Presumed suspect: Ernesto Gómez Cordero, age 27. They had two children. He murdered her because she was going to get married to someone else.
197.        Leticia Quintero Moreno (04.04.01 – 23)
198.        Leticia Reyes Benítez (05.02.95 – 20)
199.        Leticia Vargas Flores (19.07.01 – 48)
Leticia Vargas Flores, 35 years, shot dead by different suspects. Leaves behind an 11 month old baby.
200.        Lidia Elías Granados (14.08.04 – 52)
The body of Lidia Elías Granados, 52 years old, was found on August 15 in Juarez. She had been strangled and dumped in a garbage can. According to the state prosecutor for women’s homicides, there was no evidence of rape.
201.        Lilia Alejandra García Andrade o Lilia Alejandra García A. (21.02.01 – 17)
Lilia Alejandra Garcia Andrade, a 17 year old worker was beaten, raped and strangled while in captivity for a week. Later, her body was tossed in a lot near the Pan-American Highway and Ejército National avenue. Mother of a 5 month old child and a two year old infant, she was kidnapped while she was leaving her work. Two days later her family members filed her missing with the authorities. Sully Ponce Prieto, District Attorney for Investigation of Women Murdered in Ciudad Juárez, stated that this is the first case of the year of a woman murdered and raped in this area of the city.
202.        Lilia Reyes Espinosa o Lilia Juliana Reyes Espinosa (08.02.03 – 26)
203.        Liliana Frayre Bustillos (07.07.95 – 23)
204.        Liliana Holguín de Santiago o Liliana Hodging de Santiago (04.00 – 17)
205.        Linda Sandoval Sánchez o Linda Ramos Sandoval (21.06.02 – 31)
Linda Ramos Sandoval, 32 years, is executed in her car and in front of her little daughter of 4.
206.        Litzy Paola Ramírez (10.12.00 – 8)
207.        Lorenza Clara Mavie Torres (07.07.04 – 26)
Lorenza Clara Mavie Torres, 26 years old, was found on July 7 in Juárez. She had been killed, burned, and buried. Two suspects were charged in the murder, including her domestic partner, Reymundo Díaz Escárcega.
208.        Lorenza I. González Almillo o Lorenza Isela González o Lorenza Isela González Almillo (25.04.94 – 38)
Victim worked in Norma’s Bar (Alejandro Maynez, owner of Zafari and other bars, is implicated in this murder). Strangled, wounded in the chest, pointer and little finger mutilated. Found face down with head buried. Discovered on kilometer 19 on the Pan-American Highway 1.24 miles from Garita Customs.
209.        Lorenza Rodríguez Calderón (04.04.04 – 32)
210.        Lorenza Veronica Calderon (02.04.04 – 32)
The body of Lorenza Veronica Calderon, 32, was discovered on April 2, buried in the backyard of her Juarez home. She had been strangled to death by her husband, Martín Lascano, who was charged with the murder.
211.        Lourdes I. Lucero Campos o Lourdes Ivette Lucero Campos (18.01.02 – 26)
January 19th. Lourdes Ivette Lucero Campos, 36 years, is found beaten to death and thrown in an irrigation canal. The killer declared he killed her because she offended him.
212.        Lucila Silva Salinas o Lucila Silva Dávalos (02.06.02 – 30)
Lucila Silva Dávalos, 30 years, is violated and killed by her boyfriend because she refused to live together with him.
213.        Lucy (02-03.96 – 19)
214.        Luisa Lorena Hernandez Carrasco (25.02.06 – 27)
Margarita Cardoza Carrasco, 74, and Luisa Lorena Hernández Carrasco, 27, were found dead in their Ciudad Juarez home on February 25. They were found in their bathroom with their hands and feet tied. There was blood visible in various parts of the house.
215.        Luisa Rocío Chávez Chávez (13.05.04 – 14)
216.        Luz Ivonne de la O García o Luz de la O García (21.04.93 – 20)
Died as a result of being beaten on the streets of G. Prieto and Altamirano.
217.        Luz M. Jiménez Aguilar (03.10.96 – 18)
218.        Luz Martínez Reyes o Luz Adriana Martínez Reyes (31.08.96 – 17)
219.        M. Viviana Rayas Arellanes o Marcela Viviana Rayas Arellanes (03.03 – 16)
220.        Manuela Cano Luna (09.02.05 – 50)
Manuela Cano Luna, 40, was shot to death in Ciudad Juarez on February 9 while she was teaching an aerobics class.
221.        Manuela Hermosillo Quezada o Manuela Hermosillo Quintero (08.06.02 – 52)
222.        Marcela Marcías Hernández o Marcela Hernández Macías (12.06.97 – 35)
A woman aged 35 who was reported missing by her husband was found in ditch on kilometer 29 on Casas Grandes highway. Her name was Marcela Hernández Macias. Cause of death: strangulation. The victim was found based on the confession of her husband, Ramón Ochoa Pantoja, who confessed to the crime, which indicates that he had previously lied to the authorities and his children regarding his wife’s whereabouts.
223.        Marcela Santos Vargas o Marcela Santos Garza (13.09.93 – 18)
Height: 5’7”, black hair, dark skin. Killed by boyfriend Herberto Cruz Aguilar by gunshots. Murder took place at the Red Cross.
224.        Margarita Briseño Rendón (27.09.02 – 36)
225.        Margarita Cardoza Carrasco (25.02.06 – 74)
Margarita Cardoza Carrasco, 74, and Luisa Lorena Hernández Carrasco, 27, were found dead in their Ciudad Juarez home on February 25. They were found in their bathroom with their hands and feet tied. There was blood visible in various parts of the house.
226.        Margarita González Hernández (02.08.99 – 38)
227.        Margarita Juárez Torres (02.02.04 – 41)
228.        María Agustina Hernández (24.06.94 – 33)
On Isla Saboga and Nogal streets in the 16th of September neighborhood, the victim was discovered inside a wooden room. Dark complexion, height:4’9”, long hair. Strangled. Attacker presumed to be lover, Alfredo Coronado Originles.
229.        María Ascensión Aparicio Salazar (29.09.99)
230.        María Cendejas Martínez, alias Graciela Martínez (04.11.01 – 46)
231.        María Clara Mavie Torres Castillo (07.07.04 – 26)
232.        María D. Quiñónez Corral (11.05.03 – 43)
233.        María de J. Barrón Rodríguez (07.11.93 – 30)
234.        María de Jesús González Apodaca (30.11.02 – 32)
235.        María de Jesús Lechuga Meza (04.07.98 – 56)
236.        María de Jesús Valenzuela o María de Jesús Fong Valenzuela (22.11.02 – 35)
237.        María de la Luz Murgado Larrea o María de la Luz Murgado G. (17.02.97 – 42)
238.        Maria de la Luz Martinez Garcia (12.04.06 – 30)
On April 12 a three-year-old girl identified as María de la Luz Martínez García died in a hospital in Ciudad Juarez. She had been brutally beaten and presented symptoms of malnutrition, trauma, and cranial damage. The autopsy suggested she had been raped. Her sister, who is seven years old, also showed signs of rape. Authorities have arrested the girls’ stepfather.
239.        María de León Calamaco (26.02.01 – 52)
240.        María de los Angeles Acosta Ramírez
241.        María de los Angeles Alvarado Soto (07.04.00-65)
On April 8 Joel López Garcia, in a drunken rage, beat up his wife, Luisa Barraza Camacho, 33, and killed her grandmother, María de los Angeles Alvarado Soto, 65. He attempted burning down the house with the victims in it but his sons stopped him. Garcia is awaiting sentencing.
242.        María de los Angeles Deras o Miriam de los Angeles Deras (26.08.95 – 28)
Blue blouse, gray jean shorts, black underwear, black socks and white tennis shoes. Bullet wounds in the thorax and abdomen. Body was found at #902 Mercurio. Later identified as Miriam de los Ángeles Deras. Victim was from Zacatecas.
243.        María de Lourdes Galván Juárez (26.11.99 – 26)
Alejandro Alvarado Valenzuela, 27, killed his wife María de Lourdes Galván Juárez, 26, and then killed himself in late November. He had written letters expressing his intent to kill his three daughters and his wife’s best friend; fortunately he never committed these crimes. In his letters he expressed his inability to live without his wife whom had recently left him. He also asked his parents not to hate him for killing his wife.
244.        María de Lourdes Villaseñor (13.07.97 – 32)
245.        María del Refugio Núñez L. o María del Refugio Núñez Lopez (16.10.99 – 23)
Woman is murdered in a street fight. A 23 year-old woman died from lesions from several suspects while she walked with her boyfriend, who also had two cuts on the armpits and kidneys. The dispute began in a bar in downtown. The name of the victim was Maria del Refugio Núñez López, age 23. According to the version told to police; in the bar an argument broke out because of cigarette smoke, which affected a group of five people. A fight ensued in which the victim died. Gabriel Avendaño González was found with a six-inch blade knife hidden among his clothes. He insists that it was self-defense. Thursday the 21st, Gabriel Avendaño confesses to the murder.
246.        María del Rocío Cordero Esquivel o María Rocío Cordero o María Rocío Cordero Esquivel (12.03.94 – 11)
Abducted on her way to primary school Gabino Barreda in México neighborhood, not far from where she lived. Strangled and raped both anally and vaginally by an unknown attacker. She was found in drainage pipe on the Casas Grandes highway by blue canyon.
247.        María del Rosario Lara Loya o Patricia, alias “la burra” (08.08.94 – 48)
Robust complexion, dark skin, height: 5’3”, curly hair. Beaten violently in the abdominal area. Murder occurred in the alleyway Guadalupe #300. Potential suspects: Raúl, alias El Chilango and Mario Gallegos, alias El Mariachi.
248.        María del Rosario Ríos o María Rosario Rios (14.04.02 – 48)
Maria del Rosario Ríos , 40 years, is killed through bullet shots by yet unknown assassin (-s)
249.        María Díaz Díaz (28.03.00 – 67)
250.        María Domitila Torres Nava (14.10.96 – 45)
251.        María E. Acosta Armendáriz (17.09.00 – 43)
252.        María Elba Chávez o María Elba Chávez Caldera (06.07.99 – 60)
Woman is stabbed to death in robbery, the PJE learns. Agents took a man into custody that killed a 60 year-old woman this weekend in the town of Ignacio Zaragoza. Jaime Castillo Moncada is the suspect held responsible of Maria Elba Chávez’ murder. The state corporation found out that Castillo murdered Chávez by blood stains on his shoes and socks. The victim was murdered in El Saucito’s house on Sunday at 6pm. The jugular vein was slit by a deep cut of 2.34 inches. The carotid artery and jugular vein were cut. There was also a 1.95 inch wound present on the right mandible, blows and deep cuts on the neck and shoulders. There were also many surface wounds on the left arm, left wrist, left hemothorax and two penetrating wounds on the left side of the body. The victim tried to defend herself because her fingers had cuts on them.
253.        María Elena Caldera o María Elena Chávez Caldera (24.10.00 – 15)
Another murdered woman. A teenager found the body of woman about 15 years old in a piece of land in Salbarcar. She had been dead for approximately 3 to 4 months. The victim was wearing a green sweatshirt under a shirt with pink suspenders with figures on it, jeans, socks with green stripes, white high-top tennis shoes and her hair was pulled back with a rubber band. She was completely dressed. She is presumed to be Maria Elena Caldera, reported missing since June.
254.        María Elena Salcedo Meraz o Elena Salcido Meraz o María Elena Saucedo Meraz (26.01.00 – 35)
Man kills girlfriend and then tries to commit suicide. A 33-year-old woman died yesterday from a bullet wound. She was shot by her boyfriend who also got wounded and was then taken to General Hospital under arrest. Maria Elena Salcido Meras was the name of the victim and she left three children: 15, 13, and 5 years old.
255.        María Elsa Cano Gutiérrez (04.09.04 – 21)
256.        María Enfield de Martínez (08.07.94)
257.        María Estela Martínez o Ma. Estela Martínez Valdez (09.01.99 – 22)
258.        María Esther López de Ruiz (12.09.93 – 43)
259.        Maria Estrellan Cuevas Cuevas (05.05.05 – 20)
The body of María Estrella Cuevas Cuevas, 20, a single mother of two small children, was found in Ciudad Juárez on May 5. She had been raped and stabbed to death.
260.        María Eugenia Martínez Hoo o Eugenia Martínez Poo (06.08.97 – 27)
261.        María Eugenia Mendoza Arias (03.10.98 – 28)
Body of a brutally murdered woman is found. The naked body of a woman about 19 years old with what appear to be signs of rape, was found in Pánfilo Nájera neighborhood in a dumpster. The assaulter(s) crushed the victim’s skull with a rock and drove over the victim’s leg and shoulder. The discovery was made at 7:30 by a local family from the area that was on their way to a nearby mall. The body was on a dirt road where the dump is located. The remains of brains and blood were scattered around. Sunday the 11th, the victim is named María Eugenia Mendoza Arias, age 32 and was identified by her sister-in-law. The victim lived on 2616 Teotihuacan Street in the Azteca neighborhood. Some people were taken into custody as possible perpetrators, but later on it was verified that the tests had been invented so they were not used in the investigation and it is unknown whether there was anybody prosecuted for the murder.
262.        María G. Rivas Triana Ramírez (15.11.00 – 44)
263.        María I. Chávez Martínez González o María Isabel Martínez González o María Isabel Chávez González (7.11.00 – 42)
Man beats his wife to death with a hammer. The man, a Tarahumara Indian, killed the woman because he thought she was cheating on him. Manuel González Dominguez, age 36 killed his wife Maria Isabel Chávez González, age 37 and mother of four children: age 16, 13, 12, and 6. The body of the woman was found in a house made of wood and cardboard in the Tarahumara neighborhood on Ajusco and Arroyo del Arenal streets. The neighbors of the married couple stated that the husband frequently brutally beat the woman. This family arrived at the border three years ago.
264.        María I. Haro Prado o María Isabel Haro Prado (26.03.97 – 38)
265.        María I. Plancarte Luna o María Irma Plancarte Lugo o María Irma Blancarte Lugo (22.09.97 – 30)
Woman tortured and murdered. Victim found naked with her feet tied and wrapped up in a blanket, blows to her face and skull. A woman between the ages of 25-30 years, with feet tied up with a cable, was brutally murdered and her body wrapped up in a blanket and black plastic bags. Her body was discovered in División del Norte neighborhood. The body was left between 00:30 and 1:00 on Saturday in a parking lot on Zaragoza boulevard and Juan Gabriel thoroughfare. The victim died due to a blow to the head and also as a result of fractured ribs and skull. It’s estimated that victim was murdered four days prior to discovery and because of the odor emitted in decomposition, her body was moved from the original location. Unable to determine whether she had been raped. Presumed suspect: Pedro Alberto Muñoz Fernández, “el Coreano”.
266.        María Inés Ozuna Aguirre
267.        María Isabel Nava Vázquez (28.01.00 – 18)
Woman’s body is found burned in Loma Blanca. It appears that she has been dead from 15 to 20 days. A person passing by found her body. Tires and other materials were added with the body in order to cover the evidence. Monday, 31st of January 2000. The district attorney in charge of crime investigation thinks that the young woman that was found incinerated in Loma Blanca is Maria Isabel Nava Vázquez, age 18 who disappeared the 4th of January and who was on her way to the Avery maquiladora (factory) on Eje Juan Gabriel, in search of a job. Victim’s throat was slashed. She had a 6.63 inch long wound on her neck and another 6.63 inch cut wound on the back in a circular form. The woman had been dead from between 15 and 20 days. Waiting for DNA results to facilitate identification, which takes about 3 months.
268.        María Isela Rivera Núñez o María Isela Núñez Herrera (25.01.98 – 28)
The body of a man and woman were inside large vats, identity unknown. The two bodies were found behind a 200-liter vat. A hole was located in her chest with profuse bleeding and deep cuts created by friction on one of the forearms. The vats were filled with 50 percent lime. The police in the U.S. will investigate whether they are North American citizens and it appears that they were involved in drug trafficking. January 30th, the couple is identified as, Sergio Zavala, age 31 and María Isela Núñez Herrera, age 33. They were married and he was a security guard.
269.        María Julia Luna Vera o Julia Luna Vera o María Luisa Luna Vera (09.04.01 – 46)
Julia Luna Vera, 36 years, killed by a shot through the head.
270.        María L. Carsoli Berumen o María Luisa Carsoli Berumen (21.12.01 – 34)
Maria Luisa Carsoli Berumen, 32 years, killed by her husband over a divorce dispute. She was an employee of Casa Amiga, and killed in front of the offices. She leaves behind 4 children.
271.        María L. Gutiérrez o Lourdes Gutiérrez Rosales (11.06.01 – 35)
Lourdes Gutiérrez Rosales, 34 years, strangled by her husband. Leaves behind 6 children.
272.        María Liliana Acosta Acosta (16.01.05 – 19)
María Liliana Acosta, 19, was killed in Ciudad Juárez on January 15. She had been shot in the throat. The alleged killer, 21-year-old Carlos Herrera Bustos, was detained the next day in flagrancia and confessed to the crime.
273.        María Lopez Torres (01.01.02 – 24)
January 1st. Maria López Torres de, 22 years, is killed by her husband in front of her 2 children.
274.        María Luisa Cuéllar o María Luisa Estrada (08.04.02 – 24)
Maria Luisa Carsoli, 24 years, and her 3 children are killed by the husband/father. He declared that his terminal illness brought him to the killings.
275.        María M. Carmona Zamora o María Maura Carmona Zamora (11.02.98 – 30)
276.        María Marisol Franco de García (03.10.96 – 47)
277.        María Máynez Sustaita (08.11.95)
278.        María Montes Lazcano (04.03.97 – 27)
279.        María Moreno Galaviz (05.09.95)
280.        María Navarrete Reyes o Martha Cecilia Navarrete Reyes (02.07.96 – 14)
281.        María Osuna Aguirre (21.03.95 – 18)
282.        María Quezada Amador o María Cristina Quezada Amador o Cristina Quezada Mauricio (22.01.95 – 32)
Black and gray sweater, yellow blanket. Height:5’4”, long hair. Raped and strangled to death. Husband is suspect. Victim’s body was found at # 1168 José Casavantes street in the Francisco I. Madero neighborhood.
283.        María Rosa León Ramos (16.05.98 – 23)
284.        María S. Luján Mendoza (13.11.96 – 25)
285.        Maria Sagrario González Flores  (30.04.98 – 17)
The adolescent was identified as Maria Sagrario González Flores, age 17, worker in the maquiladora, COPCOM. She was strangled and stabbed with the same cruelty seen in other crimes. Victim had 5 stab wounds; 3 in the chest and 2 in the back, but the wounds founds were shallow and did not penetrate any vital organs. The family was not notified in spite of the fact that there was a lab coat with her name on it. Her brother found out that the body of a young woman had been discovered and he came on his own and recognized Sagrario’s clothing, however he was unsure of her teeth. The family was not informed until 13:00; yesterday, Thursday that the victim’s body was their daughter. The mother suffered a nervous breakdown and shouted “murderers” at the police.
286.        María Santos Ramírez Vega o María Santos Ramírez (07.04.99 – 42)
Stepmother is raped and murdered. It is confirmed that the 60 year-old victim was beaten with open palms until she bled profusely. A 60-year-old woman died after being raped by her own stepson. The event occurred at 68 Colonia Mexico last Wednesday. The name of the murderer is José Luis Madrigal Portillo, age 32. The name of the victim was Maria Santos Ramírez. Madrigal confessed that he had killed his stepmother under the effects of inhalants that he had taken because it offended his mother.
287.        María Santos Rangel Flores (05.01.00 – 40)
Woman’s body found chopped into pieces. The cut-up body of a woman was found yesterday in the patio of a house in Division del Norte neighborhood. The name of the victim is withheld for security measures. The body was buried 5 feet underground. The body had its extremities chopped off, except for the head. The location of the body occurred at three in the afternoon thanks to an anonymous phone call. The crime was committed with extreme violence and is the first of this century. A potential connection may exist between this murder and the murder of a woman in a clothing store. The name of the victim is reported over the radio as Sandra Zamarripa. Later on the real name is reported as Maria Santos Rangel Flores.
288.        María Saturnina de León (27.02.01 – 50)
María Saturnina de León, age 50, was murdered in Ciudad Juárez by her husband, age 56 who then tried to commit suicide.
289.        María T. Contreras Hernández (08.09.93 – 40)
290.        María T. Renteria Salazar o María Teresa Renteria Salazar o Teresa Renteria (29.11.97 – 34)
291.        María Teresa Araiza Hernández (26.06.03 – 19)
292.        María Teresa Tullius (11.04.03 – 22)
293.        María Verónica Santillanes Nájara o Verónica Santillanes Madera (04.11.00 – 32)
Woman is murdered by 5 gunshots. A woman was shot to death in the garden of her house yesterday at dawn. The victim leaves her young daughter as orphan. She was 22 years old and her name was Maria Verónica Santillanes Nájera. The event took place at 4:00 in her yard in Flores Magon de Salvacar neighborhood. The district attorney says that the murderer has been identified.
294.        Maribel Palomino Arvizu (18.03.97 – 17)
The body of the 19 year-old victim was discovered in the Juárez valley. On April 9th it is established that it is the body of Maribel Palomino Arvizo. Palomino was originally from the North of Casas Grandes and was 18. The victim had five puncture wounds on the neck and had been dead for about two or three weeks before she was found. Sexual violence detected. Victim’s body will be turned over to the family once identity tests have been carried out.
295.        Maribel Villa Santana (13.07.03 – 31)
296.        Maritza Toribio Flores (23.04.00 – 11)
297.        Marta Alicia Meraz Ramirez (24.05.05 – 40)
Marta Alicia Meraz Ramírez, 40, was killed on May 24 in Ciudad Juárez. According to authorities, she was shot twice by gang members while talking to a friend.
298.        Marta Celilia Vazquez Jimenez (25.11.04)
The body of Marta Cecilia Vázquez Jiménez, a young woman missing since July, was found in a field on November 25, 2004 (International Day Against Violence Against Women) in Ciudad Juarez. She was a business student.
299.        Martha A. Esquivel Garcia o Martha Alicia Esquivel Garcia o Martha Alicia Esquivel (16.06.00 – 32)
Two women killed. In only 10 minutes, two women died from gunshots in the parking lot of a mini mart. The events took place at approximately 20:00. Their names were: Martha Alicia Esquivel Garcia and Sandra Henry Monreal, age 33 and 38 years old, respectively. A man who escaped in a Camaro riddled the two women with bullets in the parking lot of a Bip Bip on Gomez Morin Avenue.
300.        Martha Alicia Meraz (24.05.05 – 47)
A 47-year-old woman Martha Alicia Meraz was walking on Selenio Street, when she was caught in crossfire and killed.
301.        Martha Arguijo Castañeda (12.02.96 – 33)
302.        Martha C. Pizarro Velásquez o Martha Claudia Pizarro Velásquez o Berta Claudia Pizarro Velasco (3.11.01 – 23)
Berta Claudia Pizarro Velasco, 20 years, found strangled in a hotel. Killed by her husband.
303.        Martha E. Veliz Valdez o Martha Esmerelda Veloz Vasquez o Martha Esmerelda Veloz Valdez (22.01.98 -20)
304.        Martha Francisca Hernández (06.06.00 – 29)
Skeleton found in Samalayuca. The spokesperson from the police department indicated that it might be a minor. Parts of a spinal column, a skull and leg bones were found. Green pants were found as well. June 8th, the remains are of a woman. She was identified as Martha Francisca Hernández, age 29 who apparently died from inanition. Victim was originally from Durango. Her husband is a ranch hand and said that his wife left for a walk and was wearing green pants and striped blouse. The woman was reported missing the 2nd of April.
305.        Martha Granados Villegas (21.10.05 – 37)
Martha Granados Villegas, 37, was killed in Ciudad Juárez by her husband Leonel León Arenas Arenívar on October 21.
306.        Martha Lizbeth Hernández Moreno (02.11.04 – 16)
Martha Lizbeth Hernández Moreno, a 16-year-old student, was raped and strangled to death in Ciudad Juárez on November 2. Her body was found in a parking lot. Authorities received a call from neighbors, and police arrested José Luis Montes as he was fleeing the scene of the crime. He confessed to the murder, saying he had been using cocaine prior to the killing.
307.        Martha Sosa Gallardo (24.11.02 – 41)
On November 24, 2002, Mauro Carreon-Rodriguez confronted his girlfriend Martha Elisa Sosa Gallardo, at her residence, located in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.  Angered by the fact that Martha Elisa Sosa Gallardo was no longer interested in a romantic relationship with him, Mauro Carreon-Rodriguez shot Martha E. Sosa Gallardo with a handgun, four times.
308.        Martha Y. Gutiérrez García o Martha Yolanda Gutiérrez García o Martha Gutiérrez García (07.09.97 – 18)
Victim strangled and raped. Body was found completely naked in a deserted area in the Barrio Alto neighborhood. She is named, Martha Gutiérrez, age 18. Witnesses saw her in the company of “El Chango”, “La Camelia” and “El Luis”; who still remain at large. Body was found on Ocampo and Mina streets, downtown behind a bar.
309.        Mayra Gema Alamillo González (23.07.03 – 20)
310.        Mayra Juliana Reyes Solís
311.        Mayra Yesenia Nájera (28.04.03)
312.        Merced Ramírez Morales (26.01.02 – 35)
Merced Ramírez Morales, 35 years and mother of violated and killed. She is classified as victim of (a) serial killer (-s).
313.        Minerva Torres (2003)
Sitting together on a small couch in their modest Chihuahua City home, Francisco Torres and his wife Martina Albeldaño are visibly proud that their 17-year-old daughter is a middle school graduate. But like many other young working class women and men in Mexico, Minerva Torres decided not to go on to high school and opted for the work world instead.  After stints in maquiladoras and at other odd jobs, Minerva informed her mother early on the morning of March 13 that she was catching a bus to go downtown for a new job interview. It was the last time the Torres family saw Minerva.
314.        Mireya Hernández Méndez (13.10.93 – 18-20)
Victim worked in Philips. Height:5’2”, long hair. Murdered by strangulation. Victim was found in the garbage dump in the Juárez Industrial Park.
315.        Miriam A. Velázquez Mendoza o Miriam Adriana Vázquez Mendoza o Miriam Adriana Vázquez o Miriam Arlem Vázquez Mendoza (20.02.95 – 14)
Height:5’2”, wearing black purse and gold chain. Stabbed and raped to death. Abandoned on Juan Gabriel Street. Victim worked in the factory (maquiladora) AMSA and lived at #17 Gaviotas street in Granjas de Chapultepec neighborhood.
316.        Miriam Aguilar Rodríguez (07.04.97 – 17)
A female body was found yesterday at 7:30am behind the bottling plant “Embotelladora de la Frontera” between a the 11 and 12 towers of the Federal Commission of Electricity on one side of the train tracks, located in the intersection of Oscar Flores Avenue and Santon Daurón, by a person on their way to work. A concrete block was discovered and appears to be the object with which she was beaten and murdered. The victim was wrapped up in a plastic bag and old blankets. The victim had signs of blows to the face and a fractured skull just behind the right ear. She was wearing black pants with white spots that were pulled down to the knees, a pink blouse with large buttons pulled up to the breasts, miners boots, a white bra, black underwear and white work-out stockings with black and red stripes. Slender, height: 5’4”, dark skin and dark brown shoulder-length hair. The policeman in charge thought that she was attacked in the same place where she was found due to the evidence discovered there as well. The victim found in the southern part of the city is identified as Miriam Aguilar Rodríguez, age 16.  The victim’s family members stated that she left the house on the 8th with a friend and that they were supposedly going to look for work at a maquiladora (factory), without saying its specific name.
317.        Miriam García Solorio (23.07.03 – 22)
318.        Miriam Sáenz Rivera (24.03.02 – 14)
319.        Miriam Soledad Sáenz Acosta o Soledad Sáenz Acosta (28.03.02 – 14)
Miriam Soledad Sáenz Acosta, 14 years, killed by a 19 year old boy who declared he didn’t intend to kill her.
320.        Nancy G. Quintero o Nancy Guillermina Quintero o Garcia (25.08.02 – 20)
Nancy Guillermina Quintero Garcia , 20 years and 8 months pregnant, dies of shot wounds. The baby is saved and she leaves behind 2 more children aged 1 and 2.
321.        Natividad Monclova Moreno (05.12.01 – 39)
Natividad Monclova Moreno, 39 years, killed by her husband through kniving.
322.        Nelidia Pedroza García (28.06.01 – 68)
323.        Nely América Gómez Holguín o Nelly América Gómez Holguín (24.10.99 – 23)
A 22 year old woman was murdered by 9 stab wounds by an ex-military man from Querétaro, on the outside of a furniture shop located on Gómez Morin avenue and Porvenir street, close to the “backwards bridge”. The victim was identified as Nelly América Gómez Holguin, mother of four children; she worked in the mornings in a maquiladora (factory) and in the afternoons she worked as a prostitute, said district attorney Sully Ponce. The exsoldier, Juan Miguel Cazares Pérez, age 20, was arrested while trying to escape with the lights turned off in a vehicle with his brother-in-law. Sully Ponce stated that the suspect hired the sexual services of the victim and when she decided to leave the furniture store the suspect caught up with her and stabbed her several times. A vehicle that was passing by reported the victim. The nearby vendors did not help the victim nor try and hold back the murderer-they did not even call the police.
324.        Neyra Azvcena Cervantes (14.07.03 – 18)
Cervantes reported her daughter, Neyra Azucena Cervantes, missing on May 13, 2003. To make matters worse, Azucena was attending, at the time of her disappearance, a computer school where other serial-killing victims were studying in Chihuahua City and Ciudad Juárez before they disappeared. For two months, Cervantes heard nothing from her daughter. Finally, on Monday, July 14, 2003, a group of young people found a body in a remote, mountainous area at the edge of Chihuahua City.
325.        Nohemi Diaz Moctezuma (25.07.05 – 15)
On July 25 two women were killed in Ciudad Juárez. One victim, Nohemí Díaz Moctezuma, 15, was shot to death. Police detained several gang members suspected in the shooting. The other victim, Olga Brisa Acosta Díaz, 35, was knifed to death, allegedly by her boyfriend’s adolescent sons.
326.        Nora E. Flores Flores o Nora Elizabeth Flores Flores (25.05.98 – 18)
327.        Norma Julissa Ramos Muñoz o Norma Julissa Ramos (06.11.97 – 21)
A woman was murdered on Friday morning by a fatal shot, according to police report. Body was found on Segunda de Ugarte and Aguascalientes streets in the eastern part of the city. Before the crime was committed, two municipal police had contact with the presumed killer and his later victim, but the police left because they thought it was a “lover’s quarrel”. The coroner reported that the body had a gunshot wound on the left temple and the shell was coming out of the right ear. A second bullet in the cheek, with the exit on the right side of the neck. Another shot to the right knee, left and right thighs as well. The police do not know the name of the presumed murderer, however they hope to detain him in the next couple of hours. A case of caliber 45 bullets was discovered in the suspect’s house.
328.        Norma L. Luna Holguín o Norma Leticia Luna Holguín (24.03.99 – 16)
329.        Norma Leticia Quintero M. (05.04.01 – 22)
330.        Norma Mayela Palacios López (09.02.96 – 33)
331.        Olga Alicia Carrillo Pérez (10.08.95 – 20)
332.        Olga Brisia Acosta Diaz (27.07.05 – 36)
On July 25 two women were killed in Ciudad Juárez. One victim, Nohemí Díaz Moctezuma, 15, was shot to death. Police detained several gang members suspected in the shooting. The other victim, Olga Brisa Acosta Díaz, was knifed to death, allegedly by her boyfriend’s adolescent sons.
333.        Olga González López (22.08.98 – 23)
Shopkeeper murders woman with 7 gunshots. A 23-year-old woman was murdered in the Pánfilo Natera neighborhood. Her name is Olga González López; she had four bullets in the left armpit region, one other in the left breast, another in the back and the last in the left forearm. The authorities indicate that the death was due to disputes between neighbors.
334.        Olivia G. Morales de Ríos o Gloria Olivas Morales (06.08.95 – 28)
Kidnapped together with Walter Rios and Alejandro Fuentes. Strangled. Victim’s body was found on Jilotepec Avenue on the pavement. Wearing white t-shirt with Nike logo, stretch pants with blue and white squares, blue and pink Nike tennis shoes.
335.        Paloma A. Escobar Ledesma o Paloma Angélica Escobar Ledesma (27.03.02 – 16)
On 3 March 2002 the mother of 16-year-old Paloma Angìlica Escobar Ledesma, a worker at the Aerotec maquila in the city of Chihuahua, reported her daughter missing to the Preliminary Investigations Department.  Paloma had left her home at 3.15pm on 2 March and was seen that day at 3.30pm at the Ecco School. Her family’s search to find her alive was in vain. On 29 March Paloma’s body was found in bushes at Km 4 along the road that goes from Chihuahua to Aldama.
336.        Paloma Villa Rodríguez  o Paloma Rodríguez Rodríguez (25.07.01 – 17)
Sotelo Alejandro Ledesma and Paloma Rodríguez Rodríguez are assasinated in a drive by shooting in which 100 rounds were fired.
337.        Patricia Alba Ríos (15.03.94 – 30)
338.        Patricia Cortez Garza o Patricia Cortes Campos (07.08.95 – 33)
Height:5’2”, long hair. Bruises on auricle and thorax. Strangled and raped. Victim’s body was found on C. Velarde and Fco. Campa streets #331 in Obrera neighborhood. The police report states cause of death by intoxication.
339.        Patricia Monroy Torres (13.01.99 – 27)
Kidnapped woman is murdered. A woman kidnapped last Friday, the 8th by an armed group was killed by two shots on Tuesday night in Lomas de San José neighborhood according to police reports. The victim was identified was Patrica Monroy Torres, age 27 who was married to a presumed drug trafficker, Jesús Marques Garcia, who had been shot down in July, 1996 with another woman upon leaving a market. This crime is related with the drug trafficker and it is suspected that El Xeros, member of the gang K-13 and named Dario Sáenz is the murderer. The kidnapping of the woman was carried out on Friday when she came home and found the men shouting that she pay the $400,000 dollars that she owed. The woman lived on Melquidaes and P.E. Calles streets. The kidnappers also stole jewelry and forced the woman to sign blank checks. The victim was killed by two shots to the nape of the neck.
340.        Patricia Montelongo de la O. (2005 – 33)
Patricia Montelongo de la O, 33, was found March 12 in Ciudad Juarez. She had been stabbed multiple times, and her body was wrapped in a blanket, tied up, and left in an empty lot. The suspect fled to El Paso, Texas but was deported to Mexico a few days later for prosecution.
341.        Paula Zepeda Soto (08.01.98 – 62)
342.        Paulina León (09.01.99 – 17)
A minor is found murdered. Body was found in a latrine, it is suspected that her partner who later committed suicide murdered her. The hidden body of an adolescent, killed by her partner, who committed suicide a week ago, was found yesterday in Virreyes Campestre neighborhood. José Luis Durán Estrada, age 17 was a drug addict. The in-laws made the location of the body mid-day yesterday, one week after she was killed. The victim was from Torreón. February 3rd, the victim’s name was Paulina León, who came to Ciudad Juarez looking for work as a maid, but met José Luis and ended up living with him. The necropsy determines that she received 9 wounds in different parts of her body, mainly in the thorax on the left side and the left breast. It appeared that she was missing several teeth due to the blows she received with a knife to the mouth. She also had lacerations in the lung.
343.        Perla del Castillo Holguin (11.03.00 – 36)
Woman is killed. A woman was killed and her body found this morning in the inside of a vehicle of a recent year, the victim showed signs of violence in many parts of her body and a bullet wound in the head. Her name was Perla del Castillo Holguin, 36 years old and lived in Alamedas. The vehicle, a Lincoln Navigator pickup, belonged to the victim. The body had strangulation marks and was found on the floor of the pickup. She had a bloody nose and bits of the glue from adhesive tape on her skin.
344.        Perla Patricia Sáenz Díaz (17.02.98 – 22)
A woman’s body is found in a hotel. A woman about 28 years old was found, dead in the Motel Fronterizo. The woman was found completely naked with a fracture of the maxillary inferior, as a sign of violence. There were fresh puncture wounds from a hypodermic needle and tracks from previous ones on the legs and arms. Under one arm a hypodermic needle was found with the remains of an underdetermined substance.  The cause of death was not an overdose, but in fact the victim bled to death from the wounds on the chest. The woman was identified as Perla Patricia Sáenz Díaz, it appears, worked in a bar in the city. The victim had three puncture wounds on the left side of the chest. The coroner added that most likely she was murdered with an ice pick.
345.        Petra de la Rosa Moreno o Petra de la Rosa Viuda de Mesa o Petra de la Rosa Masa (20.04.02 – 55)
Petra de la Rosa Viuda de Mesa, 55 years, is killed during a robbery
346.        Raquel Lechuga Macías (15.01.98 – 17)
Remains are found of two murdered women. Two skeletons, presumably female, were found in pieces and scattered around in the lands of Lomas de Poleo yesterday. The site, which is located more than 2 miles from the Puerto Anapra neighborhood, and is where the remains of two bodies were discovered, scattered in a radius of about 200 meters. Among the grass and the spiny weeds, was a bag from a mall that had part of the trachea of the skeleton and a white bra. Further on, there was the skull of the victim with a silver tooth with the letter “R”. Nearby, there was the spinal column and another yard farther was the pelvis and parts of the foot. Not far off, were some black tennis shoes that still contained some bones of the foot inside. A pair of jean pants, faded from the elements, size 5 “Capricio” brand, another pair of pants, blue, a bra, a red sweatshirt ripped apart with four holes. Among the weeds was another skull and a few meters away part of a mandible as well as small parts of other parts of the skeleton. The discovery was made by a group of more than 20 people; adults and children.  One of them may be, Raquel Lechuga Macías, who worked in the Essex plant and has been missing since the 31st of December 1996 upon leaving her home. Dr. Del Hierro has been spoken with personally in order to confirm that there are in fact three skeletons.
347.        Rebecca Contreras Mancha o Rebecca Contreras (08.03.04 – 24)
Rebeca Contreras was found in a part of Juarez where several victims have been found in the last decade. She had been tortured, raped, and strangled to death. The authorities immediately rejected the idea that her murder was related to the approximately 100 other killings involving rape and torture because she was not slender like the other victims and was suspected of using drugs. The federal authorities took over the investigation because of links to drug trafficking (a federal crime), but the state authorities continue to be responsible for the murder investigation. Four suspects were charged with drug trafficking and organized crime; no one has yet been charged with the murder. Rebeca was the mother of 3 children, the youngest of which was six months old.
348.        Rebecca E. Escobedo Sosa (21.11.93 – 24)
349.        Reyna Lara Luciano o Reyna Sarriá Lara Luciano o Reina Sarriá o Sarahí Lara Luciano (09.02.01 – 3)
The body of a three year old girl named Reyna Saraí Lara was taken to IMSS Hospital with bruises all over her body and evidence of strangulation.  The young girl died and the presumed suspects Alicia Lucero and her step-father with the last name of Cabral are under investigation. The autopsy reveals that the child was recently raped.
350.        Reyna Perez Castillo (2005 – 55)
351.        Rita Parker Hopkins o Perla Parker Hopking (29.09.96 – 35)
Both women were murdered on the way to San Agustin. A motorcyclist at the racetrack found the bodies. One of the victims was in pants and slippers and the other in house clothes as well. They were both murdered by fire arms. They have not been identified. Later on, they were identified by the brother as: Victoria Elaine Parker Hopking, age 30 and Perla Parker Hopking, age 48 and it was established that they were involved in drug trafficking.
352.        Roberta G. Coronel Molina o Roberta Georgina Coronel Molina (21.01.02 – 32)
353.        Rocio Agüero Miranda o Rocio Miranda Agüero (29.07.96 – 30)
Victim was the owner of a cabaret “Top Capos”. The victim was discovered by some children inside a 200-liter vat. She had been put in corrosive acid; only her hands and feet hadn’t been dissolved. She was identified by her silicone implants. She had been abducted by 17 people. The servant of the house hid, along with the victim’s two-month-old baby and they miraculously managed to survive.
354.        Rocio Barraza Gallegos (19.09.98 – 23)
A State Judicial Police agent, who was assigned to the Deputy Attorney to investigate the women’s murders, killed Rocío Barraza Gallegos, age 23 mother of two children, in an official car in the State Police Academy parking lot. The victim was employed in the bars: Rio Senegal and Dos Amigos. The last time the victim was seen was at 7am. Close to 3 in the morning the suspect picked up victim and her sister in Los Amigos bar. The sister was dropped off at her home and left the couple talking in the car. The body of young woman was found in the front passenger’s seat, reclining slightly backwards. Next to her legs was a burrito and on the floor, beer cans and a huge blood stain. The suspect has been traced to the U.S., where he had graduated four years ago from Acepol and later assigned to the Sexual Crimes department in Ciudad Juarez since March of this year. The state sub procurator insisted that the murder was a result of a combination of alcohol and emotional issues. The suspect was married, but because he was from Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, he stayed in the Police Academy, where Rocío was killed. The watchman informed that he saw an automobile and a woman in it, but he thought she was resting, however in the evening he noticed her again and when he got closer he realized that she was dead.
355.        Rocío García Leal o Rosario García Leal o Rosario Rocío García Leal (07.04.96 – 17)
356.        Rocio Paola Marin Avila (27.03.05 – 19)
The body of maquiladora worker Rocío Paola Marin, 19, was found on March 26 in an irrigation ditch in Ciudad Juárez. She had been raped, tortured and stabbed more than 15 times in the back, stomach, and neck. Her family had reported her missing on March 18.
357.        Rocío Rincón (03.97)
358.        Rosa Í. de la Cruz Madrigal o Rosa Ícela de la Cruz Madrigal o Rosa Isela de la Cruz Madrigal (11.04.02 – 19)
Rosa Ísela de la Cruz Madrigal, 19 years, is killed by her husband.
359.        Rosa Isela Corona Santos o Rosa Isela Carmona (07.09.95 – 16)
360.        Rosa Isela Tena Quintanilla (15.12.95 – 14)
Black hair, slender, tied up with the same kind of knot as Elizabeth Castro, purple pants, black blouse with design, black tennis shoes and a medal of the Virgin of Copper. Stabbed. Body was discovered in the fields behind PEMEX.
361.        Rosa Ivonne Páez Márquez (24.11.95 – 14)
362.        Rosa Linda Gardea Sandoval (27.12.97 – 30)
363.        Rosa M. Arellanes García o Rosa Margarita Arellanes García (07.12.97 – 24)
A woman is shot at El Vértigo dance club. Victim was wounded by a firearm and died while hospitalized. Victim’s name is Rosa Margarita Arellanes Garcia, age 24. Apparently she was shot by the person who was sitting at an adjoining table.  The suspect shot the firearm, however, in the process he injured himself as well.
364.        Rosa M. Placios Briones (06.12.01 – 62)
365.        Rosa María González o Rosa María Hernández de Corral (16.07.01 – 42)
Rosa Maria Hernández de Corral, killed by the husband while she tried to protect her daughter of 36, attacked by the father. Leaves behind three children.
366.        Rosa María Lerma Hernández o Rosa María Hernández (02.08.94 – 23)
367.        Rosa Rivera Barajas o Rosa María Rivera (05.07.99 – 36)
Woman is murdered in a hotel. A woman between the age of 25 and 30, five months pregnant, was strangled yesterday by a man in a downtown hotel room. The victim is a sex worker and she has not been identified yet. The murderer has not been arrested nor identified, but the district attorney does not believe that this murder is linked to the previous sexual murders of women in Ciudad Juárez. The hotel is on Carranza and La Paz streets. The victim was known as Rosa “La Coneja” (the rabbit) because she had five children. She was 20 weeks pregnant. August 8th, victim is identified as Rosa Maria Rivera, age 29. No family member has come forward to claim the body yet. The description given of the murderer coincides with the lover of the victim.
368.        Rosa V. de Hernández Cano o Rosa Virginia Hernández Cano (20.03.95 – 31)
369.        Rosalba López Espinoza (30.01.99 – 25)
370.        Rosalba Ortega Saucedo (08.06.95 – 36)
371.        RosalinaVeloz Vazquez (25.01.98 – 20)
A young woman was murdered and her body was found yesterday in the land behind Infonavit Oasis Revolución, according to police reports. This is the second homicide with similar characteristics, occurring within the city. The victim was identified as a maquiladora (factory) worker, Rosalina Veloz Vázquez, age 20, reported missing since Thursday. The victim left work at the Phillips factory and then there was no further contact with their employee. She was identified by a photograph of her holding her son, brought in by her family members. The body had 21 puncture wounds on the back, neck and thorax, however, the cause of death has yet to be established. “The PJE agents suspect that it was a crime of passion”.
372.        Rosario Aguayo o Rosario Aguayo M. (23.03.95)
373.        Rosario de Fátima Martínez o Rosario de Fátima Martínez Angel (28.04.96 – 19)
374.        Rosina Solís Corral (22.04.04 – 30)
375.        Roxana I. Véliz Madrid (20.06.97 – 17)
376.        Sagrario González Flores o María Sagrario González Flores (09.04.98 – 17)
Sagrario Gonzalez, 17, who worked at one of the maquiladora assembly plants, disappeared in April 1998 after the end of her work shift. Several days later, passersby found her body in a different vacant parcel several miles east of her plant. Authorities said she had been tor tured, stabbed and strangled. In 1996, eight other victims who were stabbed, tor tured and mutilated were found in a northwest desert region known as Lomas de Poleo.
377.        Sandra Corina Gutiérrez Estrada (09.02.01 – 17)
378.        Sandra Herrings Montreal o Sandra Henry Monreal (16.06.00 – 37)
Two women killed. In only 10 minutes, two women died from gunshots in the parking lot of a mini mart. The events took place at approximately 20:00. Their names were: Martha Alicia Esquivel Garcia and Sandra Henry Monreal, age 33 and 38 years old, respectively. A man who escaped in a Camaro riddled the two women with bullets in the parking lot of a Bip Bip on Gomez Morin Avenue.
379.        Sandra Luz Juárez Vasquez o Sandra Juárez V. (08.07.96 – 17)
Murderer’s identity unknown. Victim’s address: 7146 Capulín in Revolución neighborhood. The victim’s body was found lying next to the Rio Grande. The victim had arrived from Zacatecas only 5 days prior to her murder. She had an appointment on the 8th of July in a factory (maquiladora), however she did not show up and her worried parents announced her disappearance. The victim was slender, height: 5’2”, weighed 115 lbs, dark skin, long dark hair. She was wearing black jeans, a mustard-colored blouse. Death due to strangulation.
380.        Sandra Maribel Frías García (11.02 – 23)
381.        Sandra Ríos Salmón (21/22.10.04 – 15)
382.        Selene (22.02.99 – 4)
383.        Silvia Alcántar Enríquez (08.11.95)
384.        Silvia E. Rivera Morales o Silvia Elena Rivera Morales (03.05.95 – 15)
Victim disappeared July 11th, 1995 on her way to Iberoamericana High School. Long, black, straight hair, blue blouse, jeans, white bra and white tennis shoes and tights. Raped and strangled, right breast cut off and left nipple bitten off. Victim was found in Lote Bravo.
385.        Silvia Gabriela Laguna Cruz o Silvia Gabriela Luna Cruz o Silvia Gabriela Laguna Luna Cruz (24.01.98 – 16)
Another murdered woman is discovered, and it appears she was raped. The body of a 16-year-old adolescent was found yesterday in the morning 109 yards south of Zaragoza Boulevard. It appears that the victim was raped and then murdered with an object that was driven into the lower part of the chest, based on the external signs. The victim’s family identified the body. The victim had been dead for about 10-12 hours before its discovery. Family members of the deceased adolescent stated that she had been married for three months, that on Saturday she had left at 6 in the morning in order to transfer to work in a maquiladora (factory). She was 16 years old.
386.        Silvia Guadalupe Díaz (08.03.97 – 19)
The skeleton of a woman was found 1.24 miles south of the cemetery in the El Sauzal Viejo population. It is calculated that the body was there for about 40-60 days and the autopsy reveals that the cause of death was asphyxiation by strangulation, however it is not possible to establish whether victim was raped. The victim had been missing since the 7th of March after having gone to the maquiladora, “Stracted” to ask for work. The preliminary necropsy establishes that there were cuts on the neck and stomach, but due to the state of the body it was not possible to establish whether the victim was raped. It is estimated that the victim had been dead for about 2-3 weeks. The coroner’s report was done on Friday at 20:00 hours after agricultural workers found the body in a cultivation ditch located about 820 yards west of the Juárez Porvenir highway and 109 yards north of Puente Yáñez local path. The body was completely naked, however her underclothes were found nearby. The victim’s height was 5’4”, long dark brown hair pulled back in a dark green ribbon and a metal rubber band at the end. On the right wrist the victim had another rubber band (white) and on the left ear a small earring. These deaths have been related to those in the serial murders in Lote Bravo y Lomas de Poleo. A uniform was found like the ones that are used by workers in maquiladoras, so it is assumed that she worked in a maquiladora (factory). The victim is identified as Silvia Guadalupe Díaz, missing since the 7th of March, age 22. A three month-old boy and a three year-old girl were left orphans. Her husband’s name is Pedro Montelongo. Her mother-in-law stated that her daughter-in-law left her home on Wednesday and the last time she was seen was in a maquiladora located in the industrial park on kilometer 5.
387.        Silvia Ocón López (14.03.96 – 17)
388.        Silvia Rivera Salas (20.06.96 – 15-17)
Victim was murdered by her husband. Body was found with 21 knife-wounds. The husband was apprehended while playing soccer and taken in to the station after some agents asked him about the murder and he calmly recounted his crime. Curiously enough, this same body was also identified as Elizabeth Ontiveros López by her parents and later on Elizabeth appeared and informed the authorities that she had left with her boyfriend and was not the victim after all. The body was exhumed for possible leads, and was positively identified by the husband who had committed the murder. The couple had two children, one 4 months old and the other 2 years. The body was discovered in the Toribio Ortego neighborhood near CERESO. Both José Antonio Serna Cruz and Jesús Gómez Cruz were detained.
389.        Silvia Valdez Martínez (05.03.96 – 5)
390.        Sofía González Vivar (05.11.97 – 20)
391.        Soledad Beltrán Castillo o Soledad Beltrán (13.08.96 – 30)
Victim known as Yesenia. Her body was found near the sewage canal, bordering the Loma Blanca crop. She had lived for five years in Juárez, she was a dancer. Murderer’s identity unknown.
392.        Sonia Sánchez Ramírez o Sonia Ivette Ramírez (09.08.96 – 13)
Address of victim, 7497 Presa Falcón, Industrial neighborhood. Brutally raped and murdered. The victim’s body was found behind Técnica 48 High School. Dark skin, height: 5’1”, she was wearing short yellow pants, a flowered white blouse, black shoes, white tights, and had long hair and brown eyes. Her body was discovered just a few meters from the Judicial State Police building. Suspects: el “Pelón” and el “Pedro”. The girl left her house at 6am to accompany her brother who works in a maquiladora (factory) and never returned.
393.        Sonia Yareli Torres Torres (13.08.00 – 18)
A woman’s dead body is found in Lucio Blanco neighborhood. The authorities established that a 19-year-old woman was murdered by her 20-year-old husband. The victim was identified as Sonia Yareli Torres Torres. She had a wound from a sharp weapon on the left side of her thorax, and small deep cuts on the face. Nicanor Bustillos Molina was arrested as a possible suspect.
394.        Suly Alvarado Torres o Zulema Olivia Alvarado Torres (10.05.02 – 13)
Zulema Olivia Alvarado Torres, 13 years, killed by her sister over a jealousy dispute.
395.        Susana Enríquez Enríquez (14.01.01 – 29)
Body of a woman about 20 years old is found at the base of the Indio Mountain in the western part of the city. She was found lying face down, naked from the waist down. The crime was probably committed recently since the body did not show signs of decomposition. A toxicology study was done and showed that she was not an addict nor did she have any alcohol in her body. There did not seem to be any other kind of violence.  The woman found is named Susana Enríquez Enríquez, age 29, originally from Veracruz and had been living for 7 months on the border.
396.        Susana Flores Flores (05.12.96 – 13)
Disappeared on November 27th together with Susana Flores Flores, age 13. They were both discovered with two gunshot wounds in the head in a farm located in Magnolia (farm has no name) kitty corner to Filipinas at Infonavit Technology. Both girls were raped, the older victim showed signs of having been tortured. Brenda had two wounds from a firearm, one on the left parietal and the other behind the right ear. Two slash wounds in the throat, four puncture wounds on the back, nothing on the right side and one more on the left hand. She was wearing a flowered blouse and a sweater. Susana was wearing a white sweatshirt, pink tights and black short pants. Both victims; Susana, age 13 and Ana Flores, age 11 lived on Libertad Street and disappeared while they were being taken to primary school “Ricardo Flores Magón” by their stepsisters. The autopsy revealed that Susana had four heart attacks, probably due to the terror that she suffered while she was being tortured and raped. The murderer is believed to be the boyfriend of Brenda, Edgar César Sánchez, who has probably fled the scene of the crime to the U.S.
397.        Susana Torres Valdivieso o Susana Torres Valdivia (23.12.01 – 20)
Susana Torres Valdivia, 20 years, killed as a by stander during a shoot out at a bar.
398.        Tanya (02-03.96 – 22)
399.        Teodora de la Rosa Martínez (04.08.95 – 53)
400.        Teresa de Jesús González Mendoza
401.        Teresa Rentaría (30.11.97 – 32)
A 32 year-old woman was murdered with a knife mid-day yesterday and her body discovered in her house in the Plutarco. E. Calles neighborhood. Apparently her husband, a fugitive from justice, murdered her. This crime was registered just one day after the commemoration of “International No Violence Against Woman Day”, in which many diverse nongovernmental organizations participated. The name of the victim was Teresa Rentaría, who was stabbed to death. The stab wound in the neck produced profuse bleeding-which in the end was the cause of death. The body was found at 13:00 hours in a bedroom in the house where she lived alone. She was separated and had had an argument with her husband. December 1st, authorities report that the culprit is her boyfriend whose motive was jealousy; currently a picture of him is being produced in order to locate him.
402.        Tomasa Echeverria (04.05.05 – 54)
On May 4, Tomasa Echeverría, 54, was bludgeoned to death with a hammer in Ciudad Juárez.
403.        Vanessa Horcasitas
Currently investigating the supposed suicide of a minor. The district attorney is investigating the death of a 17-yearold girl who apparently committed suicide, but several factors show that it was murder.  Vanessa Horcasitas, age 17, who lived at 5516 Filodeandro Street in the Angel Trias neighborhood, was found dead on Friday night outside her home at 21:30. The young girl had a bullet wound between her mouth and nose. The gun belonged to Fernando
Montañez Rivas, age 34; it appears that the deceased was talking with a friend when she suddenly committed suicide. One of the factors which caught the attention of the investigators was the victim was right-handed and based on the trajectory of the bullet she would have had to have used her left hand, which makes it look that a right-handed person had murdered her. Later on the authorities decided it was suicide after all.
404.        Verónica Huitron Quezada (5.06.93)
Short hair, height: 5´8”, slender. Stabbed and burned to death. Attacker supposedly was her lover. Occurred on Emiliano Zapata Street heading towards Anapra where there is a clandestine garbage dump.
405.        Yolanda Tapia (15.12.93 – 50)
Short hair, height: 5´8”, slender. Stabbed and burned to death. Attacker supposedly was her lover. Occurred on Emiliano Zapata Street heading towards Anapra where there is a clandestine garbage dump.
406.        Victoria Elaine Parker Hopking
A motorcyclist at the racetrack found two bodies. One of the victims was in pants and slippers and the other in house clothes as well. They were both murdered by fire arms. They have not been identified. Later on, they were identified by the brother as: Victoria Elaine Parker Hopking, age 30 and Perla Parker Hopking, age 48 and it was established that they were involved in drug trafficking.
407.        Virginia Rodríguez Beltrán
Another woman murdered, whose body was discovered on Sunday morning in Torreón neighborhood. The police inform that the discovery of the body of Virginia Rodríguez Beltrán occurred on Sunday at 9:00am, one hour before the discovery of another young woman’s body, partly buried in the field behind PEMEX, was reported. The body of Rodríguez Beltrán was found lying in the intersection of Jaime Nunó and Casavantes streets. According to the authorities, the victim showed signs of being an addict. However, the coroner established that the woman had in fact died from a wound from a firearm.
408.        Zenaida Bermudez Campa
Woman is beaten to death in her home at 7103 Miguel de la Madrid Street in the Lucio Blanco neighborhood. The woman was found on the floor of her home by her son when he returned home from work. Victim’s name was Zenaida Bermúdez Campa, age 48. When the agents arrived to the scene of the crime they found everything in disarray and noticed the television was missing, which led them to believe that the motive of the crime was robbery. The investigators noted that one of the presumed suspects was Fernando Solis Alba, who admitted his involvement when he was taken into custody, but stated the involvement of Solis Morales and López Ramos. The guilty party entered the home with the intention of robbery but were discovered by the victim, thereby beating her to death. The suspects sold the television for $45.00 pesos (about $5 dollars). Saturday, November 21st. The accused confess to the murder in trial.

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