ATCF Quinceañera Solidarity Campaign


Women on the Border Board Member Donna Blevins opens Austin Tan Cerca’s new Indiegogo Quinceañera Solidarity Campaign with a powerful appeal.  She talks about Tan Cerca’s annual commitment to send $6,000 to fund an organizer with the Comité Fronterizo Obrera working for social justice in the maquiladoras (foreign-owned factories) at the Mexican border.  The work of the CFO informs and reminds maquiladora workers of their innate human dignity and their right to fairness, respect, and safety in the workplace under Mexican labor law.  We pitch in every year with Austin Tan Cerca to support the wonderful work of the CFO.  On this 15th Anniversary of that commitment, we’re asking you to pitch in too!  Click here to contribute to the Quinceañera Solidarity Campaign today.  Gracias.


Writer, attorney, Lawprof Emerita from Northern Illinois University.
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