Why So Many Migrants from Central America?


Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras rank high in problems of systemic violence that has produced massive instability and pressure on thousands of citizens to leave home. Migrants report either having been the victims of violence from members of organized crime groups or a systemic failure, rooted in corruption or fear,  on the part of their governments to respond to brutal acts of violence.  Climate change has also played a role in the lives of farmers who are faced with extreme poverty because of crop failures or drought conditions.

For a deeper analysis, below are suggested readings by researchers who were based in Central America and have gathered the stories that explain the pressure to migrate. Additionally the two-part powerpoint stems from research as well as narratives gathered by scholars who have provided volunteer assistance to migrants preparing for their credible fear interviews at a Texas detention center.


1.  Powerpoint: “The Asylum Process in the U.S.A”

by Drs.  Emily Socolov, Stephanie Aubry and Jessica Chapin.

PART ONE and  PART TWO (in Word docx)

2.  Book: Dana Frank, THE LONG HONDURAN NIGHT (2018).

3.  Book: Dawn Paley, DRUG WAR CAPITALISM (2014)

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