Educational materials of Women on the Border raise public awareness of the impact of NAFTA on people’s lives — whether in the U.S. or in the global economy.  We initiated our work to support the efforts of courageous working women active in the organization known as the Comité Fronterizo de Obreras (the CFO). The women of the CFO take on the difficult task of filing grievances under existing labor law against multinational companies whose practices oppress women and children and create toxic work and living environments. 

WOB’s primary mission is educational. All of the materials on this website are provided to help researchers, activists and allies of workers in the struggle for fair and just treatment in the global factories of the world. Wherever possible we gather unique stories from the voices of the workers themselves. While our focus is on Mexican laborers along the 2,000 mile U.S.-Mexico border, the issues there can serve as a lens for understanding the concerns of workers in the global economy everywhere.

Women on the Border is a 501C3 tax exempt organization founded as a Texas-based non-profit corporation in the year 2000.

Women on the Border is happy to share our research with researchers and writers as long as you give us credit. Please contact us via email and identify the material you plan to use.  Send a copy of your proposed text as a word document attachment or by mail to Women on the Border, P.O. Box 303338, Austin, TX 78703-0056. You can also leave a voice mail at 512-293-1797.  Thank you.

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