Mónica, Tan Cerca de la Frontera!

INITIAL IMPACT: (10 Oct 2011 email from my Tío Juan Guzmán & my response to him)

Good morning …

It was interesting reading about this latest venture of yours…that is great….I believe everyone ought to be involved in one issue at least once in their lifetime…there is much to learn, not only about others but also about […]

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Thomas Friedman, The World is Flat

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Ehreinreich and Hochschild, Global Woman

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Bibliography: The Feminization of Migration

Subtopics: Law and Policy, Political Science, History, Gender and Women’s Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, as well as General Works on Domestic Work, Sex Industry, Health/Reproductive Rights and Education


Helen Ralston, Resisting Discrimination: Women from Asia, Africa, […]

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Delegation to Piedras Negras, Coahuila, October 7-9, 2011





Flyer announcement by delegation organizers, Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera (ATCF).

Travel is for a three-day weekend beginning with an orientation session the Thursday night before departure on a Friday morning, from Austin, Texas.

Click here for more information on delegations to the Mexican border.

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In Memory of Denise Vergez, WOB’s first website administrator

Denise “Neecy” Ann Vergez, January 21, 1965 – July 18, 2011

Women on the Border lost a true friend on July 18, 2011 when Denise “Neecy” Ann Vergez ended her eight year battle with ovarian cancer.  She was 46 years old.

Denise designed and created the first website for Women on the Border in 2001.  […]

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Historical note on Immigration from Mexico…

Although there has been an increased focus on Mexican immigration to the United States, Mexicans have been migrating north for better opportunities since our nation was formed.  When the U.S. gained control of the Southwest, the Mexican population that was living there became U.S. citizens.  The expanding nation needed workers and many looked to the […]

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Of Woman Born: Courage…

by Elvia Rosales Arriola

As 27-year old María Elena García Sierra pulled off her white sock to show me the places on her feet where she suffered a recurring infection that began when she was 17, I struggled to contain my horror […]

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Maquila Zoned Out (poem)

Maquila  Zoned Out

Barely begins to capture
The weight of the grief
That sits
Mountain sized
Upon my soul
As a departing visitor to
El Paso/Ciudad Juarez
A land of divides
Rich and poor
Brown and white
Citizen and not
Identities crafted
By powerful attitudes in
Custom and law

Citizens also
Who are ignorant and not
Of the ironic embrace
Of the dizzying pace
of the twin plants’
economic growth
In one more city seduced
By the […]

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Resources for Buying Fair Trade

World Shoppe

TransFair USA

FairTrade.org (UK)

Shop Globally, Shop Fairly at Mercado Global (Global MarketPlace)

Handmade Fair Trade Products

CO-OP America, The Green Pages

GLOBAL EXCHANGE: The Fair Trade Store Online

OXFAM International and Fair Trade

Fair Trade Certified – Where to Buy

Fair Trade Coffee? Jim’s Organic Coffee

GAIAM, Inc. (Household and Personal […]

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