Walls, Abuses and Deaths at the Border: An Investigative Report 

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Supreme Court Strikes Down Arizona Immigration Law SB1070

Supreme Court Upholds the Arizona Legal Workers Act (6/15/2011).



Essay:  Elvia R. Arriola, Crazy Mexican Border Politics Since September 11, 2001.

State Defiance of Federal Border Control

On April 23, 2010 Governor Jan Brewer signed a law passed by the Arizona legislature enabling police officers to demand proof of citizenship to a person they have reason to suspect is in violation of the law and in the country illegally.  The law has triggered a heated national debate over racial politics and immigration control. Residents of Arizona have divided along political and racial lines in favor of and opposition to SB 1070. Similar statutes are being considered by other states who defend their efforts to expel “illegal aliens” with protecting against terrorism. Of course, discrimination against recent immigrants is nothing new in American history or politics. But these statutes and ordinances are different. SB 1070 has invited criticism that it does nothing but invite racial profiling, that “anti-terrorism” is a poor excuse for using stereotypes to target Latinas/os and that it is based purely on xenophobic sentiment (animus toward foreigners) and a desire to discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, language and citizenship.  The law clearly targets a discrete and insular minority, those who simply are perceived as “illegal aliens” by their looks, or their speech, even if they are legal residents or naturalized citizens.  It privileges those who fit another stereotype, that of  “real Americans,” i.e., persons who look Anglo/European, for whom English is the sole or primary language, etc.  It is a law difficult to defend as an aid against terrorism; if anything the rhetoric of anti-terrorism has been conveniently conflated with historic racial/ethnic anti-immigrant hostility.   In Arizona, the history of the white-brown racial tensions lurk in the background of such recently launched crazy projects as the $50 million border fence campaign.  Continue reading…