The late Dr. Judy Rosenberg, WOB co-founder, takes notes at a CFO workshop, Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico (circa 2003).

M I S S I O N  Women on the Border’s mission is to raise awareness of the impact of U.S. and global policies and practices that strip the universal human rights and affect living conditions of women, gender minorities, people of color, workers, indigenous peoples, immigrants and youth. We support movements to reclaim and construct human dignity and justice for all.

We’ve been here since 2001.

Our history reflects a commitment to advance social justice education.  

Women on the Border’s original mission 20 years ago was to raise awareness about the sexual and racial discrimination that was affecting mostly working women in the maquiladoras at the Mexico-U.S. border.

Human rights activists were reporting that extreme forms of exploitation and violence against women were becoming a standard feature accompanying the intense outsourcing to Mexico by U.S. corporations under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Aspects of NAFTA favored the interests of corporate investors and failed to protect workers.  Historic racist attitudes about Mexican workers too often could be linked to the problems complained of by working women — exposure to toxicity, sexual harassment, wage theft and retaliation against workers who fought for reform.

Women on the Border sought to support and empower workers facing systematic abuse from government and business elites who profited from them under NAFTA.  

In 2017 Women on the Border expanded its mission as our board watched in horror the government’s use of inhumane and unjust immigration policies to target the undocumented, tear apart families, detain and jail asylum seeker migrants and to rip children away from their parents at the border.    



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