The late Dr. Judy Rosenberg, WOB co-founder, takes notes at a CFO workshop, Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico (circa 2003).

M I S S I O N  Women on the Border’s mission is to raise awareness of the impact of U.S. and global policies and practices that strip the universal human rights and affect living conditions of women, gender minorities, people of color, workers, indigenous peoples, immigrants and youth. We support movements to reclaim and construct human dignity and justice for all.

We’ve been here since 2001.

Our history reflects a commitment to advance social justice education.  

Our initial focus was on the impact of NAFTA on working women in the maquiladoras.  These sweatshops are known for creating hostile working environments for women and their families. 

In 2017 our mission was expanded in light of changes occurring in border policies following the election of 2016.  We feel the need to raise public awareness about life for border residents, workers and migrants, about injustice and about hope through activism at the U.S.-Mexico border.  


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