U.S.-Mexico Trade

Post-Trump Trade Deals?   

As of summer 2018, it is not clear what the international trade deals will be like between the U.S. and Mexico that are theoretically aimed at improving the terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement.    The current NAFTA agreement in general didn’t help Mexican or U.S. American workers.  Since 1993 factories shut down in the U.S. and productions were outsourced to Mexico and many other countries.  Vast areas of the U.S. that once were the home to major industries and jobs for working class families were abandoned by large corporations like Alcoa, GE, Delphi, etc.   The corporations sought to lower the costs of production and wages.  They did.  But along with their reorganized labor rights under the NAFTA, they also took away jobs and the foundations for economic stability in the lives of millions of Americans.  Meanwhile in Mexico, for example, they brought in employment opportunities but no job security and few improvements to the health and well-being of the new employees for an American subsidiary.  The “maquiladoras.” the global factories of Mexico are notorious for offering work that is brutal, uncertain, toxic, rife with harassment and abuse of women, and that does not offer a living wage. NAFTA 2.0 or the USMCA has yet to be tested for changes that supposedly improve the lives of farmers or workers.

**Will the new trade deal improve the conditions for workers either in the U.S. or Mexico?  Is there a new NAFTA (USMCA)?

**And will  Trump’s “improved” trade deal with Mexico actually improve the lives of WORKING WOMEN




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