U.S.-Mexico Trade

Post-Trump Trade Deals?   

In 2019 Trump got his new version of NAFTA (2.0 or USMCA) passed by Congress.  It was a strong bi-partisan vote in an otherwise politically divided government over the issues that ultimately produced two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump by the House of Representatives.    

At the start of 2020, as Donald Trump charges ahead following the Senate’s refusal to affirm the impeachment charges, it is unclear whether Mexican workers will see positive changes under NAFTA 2.0.  Recent visitors to the border who met with maquiladora workers report no positive improvements so far.  

In theory, NAFTA 2.0 is supposed to make things better.  But query whether corporations will suddenly stop outsourcing to Mexico or to other less wealthy countries? Recall that because of NAFTA 1.0,  millions of Americans in the historic rust belt region lost jobs. Seeking to lower union wages corporations ran to the border hoping to exploit the need of Mexican working classes and the greater sense of deregulation on health and safety. 

It’s hard to imagine that any of those corporations will suddenly want to pick up the factories and return them to the U.S. 

**Will the new trade deal improve the conditions for workers either in the U.S. or Mexico?  

**And will  Trump’s “improved” trade deal with Mexico actually improve the lives of WORKING WOMEN

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