On Border Violence Against Women

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On Women in the Global Economy

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On Globalization/Disaster Capitalism/the Global Economy

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Morristown: In the Air and Sun, by Anne Lewis; (engages in cross-border sharing of stories about people losing a job in the U.S. and having it outsourced under NAFTA to workers in Mexico).

China Blue by Micha Peled (2005); (shows how the global economic system leaves the Chinese factory owner with few choices, it also explores in detail what that means for the workers).

A Tale of Two Mexicos (full view online) by Saul Landau (2003).


Bordertown, by Gregory Nava, starring Jennifer Lopez  (2007) (film exploring the rise in disappearances of girls and women in the major industrial border town Ciudad Juárez (next to El Paso, TX).

Señorita Extraviada (more on this topic)


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Art by Latina Artists (Diane Kahlo).

Maquila Zoned Out (poem).

Living in the Wasteland of the Free.