Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) focusing on the Human Rights concerns surrounding Globalization:

Shantytown housing

Workers live in humble shacks at the Mexican border

Public Citizen – In 2004 the Public Citizen Foundation published Whose Trade Organization? A Comprehensive Guide to the WTO by Lori Wallach and Patrick Woodall.  Public Citizen’s blog Eyes on Trade examines the impact of NAFTA and NAFTA expansion.

Human Rights Watch – In 2007 HRW published the report Globalization Comes Home focusing on the positive options for protecting migrant domestic worker’s rights to safer and dignified employment.

Very skinny dog outside of worker's home, Cd. Acuña

Skinny puppy outside of maquila worker's home

Amnesty International has articulated Global Standards on multinational corporate business and its impact on human rights: Governments have the primary obligation to secure universal enjoyment of human rights and this includes an obligation to protect all individuals from the harmful actions of others, including companies.