Reimagining the Border

In the midst of the violence and human suffering taking place on the U.S.-Mexico border, site-specific artworks are combining powerful social critique with humor, irony, and hope.  

Throughout the US, museum exhibitions are also presenting powerful visual representations of the border experience.

Ana Teresa Fernández, Borrando la Frontera (Erasing the Border). Performance Documentation at Tijuana/San Diego Border, 2011.

Works by Ana Teresa Fernández, JR, Tanya Aguiña, Virginia San Fratello & Ronald Rael, Jason De León, ERRE, and others are highlighted below.  

In very different ways, all of them critique the militarized and commodified sense of the border and offer ways to imagine other kinds of human community.  

They surprise and delight us.  

They jolt us into a new consciousness of what is possibe.