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Workers share their stories with the U.S. visitors (2005)

Delegates hear about workers’ experiences over a casual meal in a maquiladora worker’s home.

A discussion at Cd. Acuña CFO offices about Basic Worker’s Market Basket and nonliving wages at the maquiladoras







The Trump Administration and NAFTA 2.0

Connecting the Dots – How Trade and Immigration Policies Intersect (2020)


Accountability for Corporate Abuse under NAFTA?

Commentary: Border Violence

Update on Remedies for the Ciudad Juarez Femicides 

Elvia Arriola, Accountability for Murder in the Maquiladoras (2007).

What is a Maquiladora? 

Going on a Delegation to Get at the Truth 

Farmers, NAFTA, and Global Agricultural Corporate Power 

Gender, Globalization, and the Women of the Maquiladoras, Before and and after NAFTA.

Becoming Leaders: Women in the Maquiladoras of Piedras Negras, Coahuila

Looking Out From a Cardboard Box…

Why Buy Fair Trade?  

Trump and NAFTA 

Women and NAFTA: why care about women in the maquiladoras?


Elvia R. Arriola, “Voices from the Barbed Wires of Despair:  Women in the Maquiladoras, Latina Critical Theory, and Gender at the U.S.-Mexico Border” (2001). Summary, or whole article.

Carmen Gonzalez, Genetically Modifiied Organisms (GMO) and Justice (english) (the GMO debate, trade and small farmers).

Carmen Gonzalez, Organismos Geneticamente Modificados (OGM) y Justicia (español).


Pink Crosses In the Desert in Memory of the Murdered Women of Ciudad Juarez.


Excerpt:  In less than a decade, a city that once had very low homicide statistics now reports that at least 300-400 women and girls were killed between 1994 and 2000. Along with an increase in murder rates, the rates of domestic violence have increased as the border town of Ciudad Juarez has experienced heavy industrialization since the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)…This paper argues that the Juarez murders are an extreme manifestation of the systemic patterns of abuse, harassment and violence against women . . .   Read more…

Judy (Hoodeet) Takes Notes at a CFO meeting of workers in the maquiladoras.

Judith Rosenberg, Can The Maquiladora Worker Speak? (2008) (DISSERTATION).

Elvia Arriola, Sex and Gender Discrimination at the Border 


Social Justice Today, Volume I, Number 3, Fall 2012    Short essays  inspired by the May 2012 WOB and ATCF  Journey of an Immigrant delegation to the Texas Rio Grande Valley to witness the human impact of immigration law, detention and the intersecting effects of free trade law and policy at the Mexican border.

Delegates on the Journey of an Immigrant Delegation, May 2014, were guided by a Sierra Club volunteer to view the bizarre nature of “border walls”. This wall section sits near the McAllen/Reynosa international border checkpoint. The construction stops at a point where a wildlife refuge is affected.

SIX YEARS UNDER NAFTA (Report of the Women of the Comite Fronterizo de Obrer @s). 

Decision of the Inter-American Court for Human Rights (2010): Human Rights Violations in the Disappearances of Women of Cd. Juarez

Women and Migration (A Compiled Bibliography) (2009).

Migrant Deaths Report (2016)

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