Elvia's notes-Interview conducted in the offices of Comitˇ Fronterizo de Obrer@s, Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico.

MARINA D.B.C. (real name in different file). 
24 years old 
Interview sheet notes: 
- not afraid of being anonymous "because what I will say is the truth."

2308 El 1 Indio Hwy Box 115, Eagle Pass, TX 78802 (CFO's PO Box) 
Had worked for the factories 
Currently 1 year and half 
Prior to that 6 months. 
Worked as inspector of "monoblocks" and 6 months in wiring, and 6 months in soldering. 
No children but family dependent on her income in Mexico.

Biggest health complaint as a result of the work - bones because of having to stand so long

Working conditions complaint: Too long of a typical workday. So tired at the end of day that she cannot clean house and can't even talk to anyone. 
Employer - Malcoelmex

(Malco-elmex is a subsidiary of ALCOA, The Aluminum Company of America; about an hour away in Ciudad Acu–a ALCOA's subsidiary is known as Arneses).