Notes of Elvia Arriola, WOB

PATRICIA Leyva, interview conducted in the offices of CFO, Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico.

September 2000

31 years old, has three children (lost one in miscarriage at work)

Husband of 12 years - Armando Velasquez Martinex - 30;

Worked in stitching.

Since 1984 has worked in different maquiladoras (16 years - ie. Since she was 15)

Worked as operator in sewing facgtory for about 4 years.

Has family at the border,has dependents, family in both Mexico and the U.S.A

Father was a carpenter; husband from Piedras Negras; now he is a lawyer

Her mother in law was a union leader in the CTM (Mexican official unions)

1984 worked at Ceramico. - painted small objects
exposed to paint thinners all day - three different containers - one with paint, another with thinner and another with a solvent. The thinner was the strongest. Sat at table - during that job 2 or 3 women workers fainted in front of her. Worked there 6 years. Would get strong headaches;Always had constant allergic reactions; always felt as if she had a cold; headaches. lost baby. (why? - job stress and chemicals); other children followed - 
Jesus Ernesto (11).8 years - Gabriela Alexandra and Pedro 4 Manual (born during employment at Carrizo).

At time of interfiew she was one of the workers fired by Dimmit 
At Dimmitt - was required to do 50 pants in twenty minutes. - worked 10 hour days.