Women on the Border’s Statement in Support of the Black Lives Matter Movement

We support the Black Lives Matter movement because our mission as a social justice educational organization urges us to voice opposition to the enduring effects of white supremacy in racially biased over-policing of black citizens and their communities.  We affirm that the current institutional forms of violence against black citizens and people of color (harassment, cop killings of unarmed suspects, mass incarceration) can find their roots in the legacies of white supremacy and privilege found in the history of the United States and in the first days of European exploration and exploitation of vulnerable populations (native peoples, enslavement of African peoples) in the Western Hemisphere. 

 Women on the Border stands with the Black Lives Matter activists and educators to develop non-violent forms of policing and criminal justice that are de-linked from institutional and systemic racism against Black and Brown communities. Agencies that are bereft of training on how unconscious racism or implicit bias affect police training and practices should be dismantled, defunded or reformed, including local police departments and ICE. We support efforts to educate the public on the ways in which institutional racism explains why the lives of people in Black and Brown communities too often don’t matter and why there are more chronic diseases, more financial insecurity and more deaths from killer viruses like Covid-19. 

The murder of George Floyd and of hundreds of others from brutal over-policing by police, and the protests triggered by these tragic events offers the United States of America an opportunity to right over 400 years of wrongs. 

Women on the Border stands with the many voices calling for change now. 



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