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Maquilas as Sweatshops

WHAT IS A MAQUILADORA OR WHAT IS A SWEATSHOP?   The maquiladora or “sweatshop” is sadly not new. In the early 1900s?American labor history documents the treatment of European immigrant women who toiled 12-15 hour days for the pittance of … Continue reading

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Living Wages

Living Wage Rights The idea of a “living wage” suggests that a person working a normal work week (about 40-50 hours) should earn enough money to meet the basic needs of shelter, food, medical care and entertainment with just enough … Continue reading

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EARLY WOB ESSAYS BASED ON MEETING MAQUILADORA WORKERS. (Originally published in series in the journal Frontera Norte-Sur.  Thank you, Frontera Norte Sur. Essay One on leadership.  “Becoming Leaders: the Women in the Maquiladoras of Piedras”  by Elvia Rosales Arriola, J.D., M.A., Summer, … Continue reading

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