Workers’ Voices

Workers share their stories with the U.S. visitors on an ATCF-WOB delegation (2005)

From its inception in 2001 WOB has sought to advance public education about the important role women play in today’s global economy.  The voices of working women in Mexico and the U.S. were heard at DePaul University’s conference “Cross-Border Trade at the Mexican Border” in the early 2000s.  By the late 90’s working women and activists in an organization calling itself Comite Fronterizo de Obreras  reported experiencing bad pay, sexual harassment, toxicity and lack of safety in job duties, wage theft and retaliatory firings of organizers.  Immigrant women from San Antonio spoke of the background story to the forming of Fuerza Unida when in the 1990s the Levi-Strauss factory shut its doors to relocate across the border and left 800 workers jobless overnight.  




Los Trabajadores/The Workers (2010), by Heather Courtney

Letters from the Other Side (2006), by Heather Courtney

China Blue (2007)

Morristown: In the Air and Sun, by Anne Lewis

The Corporation (2003)

Maquila: A Tale of Two Mexicos (2000), by Saul Landau

Delegate Reflections (I went to the border)

border wall

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