Fair Trade

Women and Fair Trade

Global Exchange.Org, “Trade Justice in the Age of Trump”

Will the new USMCA be more fair to workers than NAFTA? 

What is Fair Trade?   

Fair Trade is a global movement that puts people and planet first by ensuring fair practices and living wages for workers, producers and sellers of all consumer goods.   For women in the global economy, fair trade assures that the first producer like the laborer who sewed our clothes, or assembled a part of a good we buy, or the person who grew the coffee bean for the coffee we drink, earns enough to support a family and to afford adequate shelter, utilities and basic market grocery, clothing, education and health care needs.


Alma at the Dignidad y Justicia fair trade factory, Piedras Negras, MEX., A project of the Comité Fronterizo de Obrer@s.

What is the impact of Fair Trade? 

Where can I buy Fair Trade Products?  


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