Señorita Extraviada/Young Missing Woman

Srta Extraviada/Young Missing Woman

In 2002, filmmaker Lourdes Portillo released her documentary Señorita Extraviada, or Young Missing Woman on the subject of the disappearances of hundreds of young women and girls, many of them workers in the NAFTA factories, who had been killed in and around Ciudad Juárez beginning in the early nineties.  The film received critical acclaim.  Yet some reviewers felt that while the film was effective in bringing much needed attention to the Mexican government’s incompetence in addressing the rise in systematic femicide,  it focused more on the subject of local corruption rather than an obvious socio-political context for understanding why as Juarez rose in prominence as an industrial center it also became an increasingly hostile place for working women’s safety.


Debbie Nathan, Missing the Story (film review) (2002).






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