Mission of Women on the Border

Women on the Border is a Texas-based 501c3 non profit organization engaged in educational projects involving contact with women who are fighting against abuses by U.S. based investor corporations under the North American Free Trade Agreement. We are dedicated to supporting the workers in their efforts to bring about justice in the maquiladoras.  They complain regularly of the following: workers are not paid living wages, regularl exposure to toxic chemicals in the workplace, verbal and sexual harassment, abusive treatment by supervisors who abuse their authority and treat workers more like animals and machinery than like human beings. The pay at hundreds of factories regularly amounts to less than $1 per hour.  Lack of proper training or safety gear for working around dangerous machinery or chemicals is a standard feature in many maquiladoras.  Chronic illnesses and injuries are also a common feature among workers as a consequence of the toxicity they endure in the workplace.  Women on the Border’s educational mission seeks to connect the experiences at the Mexican border with the broader issues of the global economy today.

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