I wanted to point out the contradiction. This country purports itself to be a safe haven for LGBTQ people, but it routinely tortures and harasses trans and gender nonconforming migrants in detention. I had known about the case of someone named Roxsana Hernandez, a trans migrant who died in [ICE custody]. A lot of activists have been trying to draw attention to her not as some sort of exceptional case, but as testament to how trans and gender nonconforming immigrants are treated in these facilities.

These are the words of poet Alok Vaid-Menon, a Texas born, New York based poet and writer who uses performance art to oppose immigrant detention.

Alok participated in the project called In Plain Sight a skywriting project opposing immigrant detention over more than 80 locations across the country with planes spelling out “Care not Cages.”

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Writer, attorney, Lawprof Emerita from Northern Illinois University.
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